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Exotic Filament Sample Pack 1.75mm eSUN


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Sample pack containing eight 1.75mm exotic filament rolls – Includes Aluminium, Bronze, Copper, Carbon, Wood, Polycarbonate, Flexy and Elastic


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Plastic Diameter1.75mm

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Our eSUN Exotic Filament sample pack contains a diverse set of eight exotic filaments, and is the ideal starting point for makers who want to experiment with some of the more complicated materials within the world of 3D printing. Each roll has a diameter of 1.75 mm and is five meters in length, which is great for testing out how the filaments will work in your specific printer.

Exotic filaments typically require more experienced users, as the additives like powdered bronze or nylon can change the way the filament works. Some, like the eFlex and eLastic variants, require a carefully controlled feeding channel and increased retractor settings because of their flexible and rubbery nature. Others, like the Wood Filled PLA, can clog up an extruder due to the fibres within the filament – necessitating more focus and careful attention during setup.

However, an experienced or veteran maker will be able to understand the value of these types of filament, despite the potential problems they can cause, as these unique filaments open up so many more unique opportunities for making. From bronze, aluminium and other metal-finish filaments to rubbery and bendy filaments, no longer are makers’ choices limited to “Hard Plastic” or “Soft Plastic”.


Technical Specifications:

This pack contains eight (8) rolled samples of 1.75 mm eSUN exotic filaments at five (5) meter lengths, including:

eAL-Fill– Aluminium filled PLA
BronzeFill– Bronze Filled PLA
eCopper– Copper Filled PLA
Wood– Wood Filled PLA
ePA-CF– Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nylon
ePC– Polycarbonate
eFlex– TPU Natural
eLastic– TPE Natural


General Uses and Applications

The applications for eSUN exotic filaments are almost endless, as makers can now print objects that almost identically look and feel like many different types of metals, woods and polycarbonates. However, the beauty of these materials is that they are saturated in plastic, so the wood, for example, is not susceptible to typical stains or sink-in damages.

The eFlex and eLastic also allows for parts or objects to be made with excellent stretching, bending or rubbery capabilities. And the various metal-finish filaments can turn a plastic toy into a realistic bronze, aluminium or copper figurine.

3D printing is advancing at an ever-rapid rate, and these are just the first few unique filaments in what will likely be an ever-expanding list. So try some out today with the eSUN exotic filament sample pack and see what you can make with these new, unique and exciting materials.


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Exotic Filament Sample Pack 1.75mm eSUN

Exotic Filament Sample Pack 1.75mm eSUN

Sample pack containing eight 1.75mm exotic filament rolls – Includes Aluminium, Bronze, Copper, Carbon, Wood, Polycarbonate, Flexy and Elastic


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