Wanhao ABS Filament - 1.75mm

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Our 1.75mm Wanhao ABS Filament strikes a good balance between quality and price, offering affordable filament without compromising on quality.

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Plastic TypeABS
Plastic Diameter1.75mm
Plastic Weight1kg

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Within any industry, there are always leaders that break new ground to keep the technology fresh and interesting, while the followers have to try to keep up and offer their own unique advantages. Within 3D Printing, Wanhao is one of those leading brands that continuously offer better and improved products, such as their Duplicator Series of 3D Printers, which just seem to get better and better each year.

This is why we have chosen to stock Wanhao’s range 1.75mm ABS Filament, which offers the quality characteristics of premium filaments, while maintaining low manufacturing costs to keep it affordable for the end-user. This allows 3D Makers like you to enjoy the best of both worlds, with quality spools of filament at some of the lowest prices in South Africa. Stocked in an exciting range of different colours, Wanhao have created 3D Printing Filament that everyone can afford, without having to concern themselves with sub-par printing performance.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS for short, is a copolymer made up of a variety of different types of plastic to give it many different strengths with very few weaknesses. It has become one of the most commonly used thermoplastics in a wide range of industries thanks to the robust characteristics and inexpensive manufacturing process. It is a highly versatile plastic in 3D Printing, offering arguably better mechanical properties than PLA, although it can be trickier to print with and may require some testing and practice for optimal results.

Some of the common Adhesion Aids that can help produce great prints with ABS filament include PEI, BuildTak or Aluminium, with a heated print bed ranging between 70° and 110°C. This helps to improve first-layer adhesion, which is the first step, and arguably one of the most important steps, for achieving great results. However, remember that ABS will have a higher shrinkage than PLA, and has a tendency to crack or warp when exposed to rapid temperature changes. So it’s always recommended to use an enclosure to maintain the heat around the print bed, so as to avoid any unnecessary problems during the printing process.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Wanhao Original

  • Material

– ABS (Polylactic Acid)

  • Filament Diameter

– 1.75mm

  • Diameter Tolerance

– ±0.05mm

  • Filament Net Weight

– 1kg

  • Recommended Print Temperature

– 220-240°C

  • Total Weight

– 1.5kg


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Wanhao ABS Filament - 1.75mm

Wanhao ABS Filament - 1.75mm

Our 1.75mm Wanhao ABS Filament strikes a good balance between quality and price, offering affordable filament without compromising on quality.

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