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When it comes to filaments and major R&D leaders in the world, there are few Makers who don’t know the name NinjaTek. This is because, over the past few years, NinjaTek ‘s dedication, passion has proven time and time again that they are not only capable of producing pristine quality filament, but also a wide range of different polymers with very unique properties.


NinjaTek is an impressive company that has become the world leader in flexible filament polymerisation and production, and while many other competitors were vying for first place in colour quality and natural-like polymers, NinjaTek already knew precisely what their focus was on, and they have excelled in their specialisation to such an extent that few other flexible filament manufacturers even get mentioned in forums and online communities nowadays.

Proof of NinjaTek’s capabilities is clearly demonstrated in their range of unique flexible filaments, which most manufacturers don’t dare to explore, as this range includes filaments that are not just flexible, but also offer special characteristics for various applications, including a conductive flexible filament that is named NinjaFlex Eel – in the classic tongue-in-cheek naming style that NinjaTek sport so well.

In addition to the electrically conductive and flexible Eel Filament, NinjaTek also offers their classic NinjaFlex Filament, as well as a high-durability Armadillo Filament and an all-rounder blend called Cheetah Filament. All of these are flexible of course, but surprisingly diverse in their various applications, which is even more evidence to show that NinjaTek are at the top of their game and at the top of the flexible filaments industry.

As an additional interesting note, as of November 2018, NinjaTek and ColourFabb have formed a partnership to strengthen their supply chains and become the world leaders in not just flexibles, but also various polymers and perfect colour-blending as well.


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