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Capricorn is a brand that almost came out of the “blue”, bringing a distinctly coloured high-quality Bowden Tubing to a market that desperately needed some improvements. Since 2017, they have rapidly gathered a strong following due to the ultra-low friction, high durability and impressive tolerances of their “CapTubes”, and they’ve even brought out both a TL and an XS series in order to cater to the very defined and precise needs of 3D Makers in the industry.


After Seeing a massive need in the 3D Printing industry for reliable low-friction Bowden tubing, Capricorn decided that they would take the charge and create what could arguably be called the world’s first Bowden-specific PTFE tubing – focusing solely on low friction, high durability and temperature resistance that can withstand the heat of the hotend assembly.

Since founding, Capricorn have already introduced the TL and the XS series, which offer slightly different specifications and friction characteristics, with a distinct blue colour due to their secret additive blends. This unique colouring has actually catapulted their brand forward and into the limelight, causing them to get noticed amidst all of the low-grade white and transparent PTFE tubing, and now their brand has garnered enough attention to form exciting relationships with leading brands like Micro Swiss and E3D, as well as 3D printer manufacturers like Creality 3D.

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