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Shenzen Hello 3D Technology, known as “Hello 3D” for short, is an awesome brand that’s been around for many years, but has never received much attention despite some truly amazing achievements. As creators of the world’s first Frosted Bronze, HPLA, Silky and Conductive Filaments, we love how Hello 3D continuously push the industry forward, setting new benchmarks and forcing other brands to try to keep up!


Hello 3D is an awesome brand that hit the ground running back in 2012! While they’re still somewhat unknown outside of China, they boast an impressive resume of being the first in China to produce Frosted Bronze, Silky and Conductive Filaments – all of which are produced to a high degree of quality, while maintaining competitively low prices. 

 Despite their lack of brand recognition outside of China, Hello 3D have continuously strived to bring fresh new ideas and innovation to an industry that is already very innovative, and have slowly been garnering worldwide attention not only due to their incredible range of Classic Filaments, Exotic Filaments and Semi-Exotic Filaments, but also due to their fantastically low prices that a large majority of manufacturers simply can’t compete with.

From an awesome range of PLA and ABS Filaments, through to semi-exotics like their iconic “Real-Gold-Like” Filament, as well as some magnificent True Exotics like Frosted Bronze, Frosted Copper, and what may arguably be the most exciting of all: the Tri-Colour-Change Lava Filament!

If you’re looking for excellent quality 3D Filament that is complemented by enticingly low prices and an enjoyably easy user experience, then Hello 3D is certainly the brand to choose.


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