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In an industry that’s filled with all kinds of clones, copy-cat designs and cheap alternatives nearly everywhere you look, it’s often difficult to identify genuine value amidst the crazy clutter. This is why it’s so refreshing to find a brand like Trianglelab, who understands that they are producing clones of well-known brands, but who are dedicated to producing the best possible clones they can, with high quality materials and a strong focus on understanding the actual functionality of the each design – sometimes even leading to design upgrades and further iterations that help push the industry forward.


Although the term “clone” has become somewhat synonymous with “low quality” within the industry of hobbyist 3D Printing, Trianglelab is company that rises above this notion, as they are dedicated to producing clones that are more than just carbon-copies, but actually equal to or sometimes even better than the original designs. This focus on genuine quality has garnered Trianglelab worldwide attention as the “Go-To-Chinese-Suppliers” for clones of some of the best 3D Printing Parts in the world, which includes parts from leading brands like E3D, BMG, Capricorn and even ANTCLABS.

As some of you awesome Makers will know, we often test out clones and copies of popular products to see if they are worth stocking for customers, but more often than not we are unhappy with the results, and this is why we typically only have a small collection of clones that managed to pass our stringent quality tests. With Trianglelab, however, we have been very impressed with the quality of the “clones” that they produce, and after testing a good range of different products from them, we are pleased with the great quality and careful consideration towards the end user experience that goes into each product they make. Rest assured though, that we will still thoroughly test each and every item we get from Trianglelab, as we are still dedicated to ensuring only excellent quality products wherever and whenever possible, meaning that you can rely on the quality of Trianglelab 3D Printing Parts, Spares and Supplies.

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