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Fillamentum is a passionate brand that has been the 3D Printing space for a long time now, and since 2013, have been helping push the consumables and materials side further than anyone could have originally thought possible. They are dedicated to opening up new possibilities through a diverse and versatile range of very high quality filaments, with a core focus on quality and consistency through each and every batch – resulting in a premium 3D Filament that Makers throughout the world can genuinely rely on and trust.


Starting in as early as 2013, but with roots that go even further than that, Fillamentum is a brand that actually began working in the automotive industry, before moving into the packaging industry, and then eventually arriving in (and specialising in) 3D printing, where they found their true passion. And as a company that has always placed a high priority on following innovation, they took to 3D printing like a fish to water, and since 2013, have been consistently introducing fresh new innovations to the industry in the form of new types of polymers, refinements to classic polymers, as well as hybrid polymers that blend in materials like wood for distinctively unique effects.

What we really love about Fillamentum and their awesome 3D filaments range, is that they offer true consistency even between hundreds or thousands of batches. In fact, they actually match many of their colours to specifically defined Pantones and RAL colours, which are universal colour standards that artists, designers and many other professionals commonly use for precision colour coordination. This of course is complemented by their consistent quality, with an impressive (and tested) 0.05mm tolerance throughout each spool, as well as consistent results from various colours across multiple batches during our own testing phases.

As a brand that clearly demonstrates its passion for 3D printing through it’s beautiful 3D filaments, we’ve been exceptionally impressed with Fillamentum, and we certainly won’t be too surprised if Fillamentum becomes your new favourite 3D filament for all occasions.

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