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3Dsimo MultiPro: Multifunctional 3D Printing Pen - Starter Pack

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The 3Dsimo MultiPro is the ultimate Maker’s tool, with 3D Printing, Soldering, Wood-Engraving & Foam Cutting attachments - All in one Elegant Package!

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After acquiring our first 3D printer during the time of the original Prusa DIY Kits, when they consisted of seemingly random parts that all needed to be fitted together to form wobbly and very messy 3D Printers, we knew that this was going to be the future for hobbyists, and we made it our mission to stay ahead of the game in order to make this kind of technology accessible to everyone. However, since as far back as then, we have been thoroughly excited by the idea of a 3D Printing Pen, only to be consistently disappointed each time we got our hands on a new model.

This has finally changed with the introduction of the 3Dsimo MultiPro Multifunctional 3D Pen!

The 3Dsimo MultiPro is a 3D Pen with a difference, and is major leap forward for 3D Pens as well as for hobbyist tools as a whole, as it takes the idea of a standard 3D Pen and steps up the offering by incorporating a range of different attachments. This allows the 3Dsimo MultiPro to be more than just a toy or tool for artistic expression, as it includes the basic 3D Hotend/Extrusion attachment, as well as Soldering Iron, Plastic Shaper and Foam Cutter attachments too!

In fact, the original 3Dsimo Mini, which was essentially a MultiPro with reduced functionality, quickly adopted the nickname of “Palm-Sized Workshop” due to the vast functionality it offered, and the MultiPro steps up on that design in almost every aspect, from the heat-up times to the user interface and even resistances to impacts and other external forces.

And finally, to demonstrate just how focused 3Dsimo are on the user experience, the 3Dsimo MultiPro also includes built-in Bluetooth, which can connect to the 3Dsimo Android App and 3Dsimo iOS App for mobile devices. This App allows users to select and tweaking different 3D Filament profiles, define specific solder settings, find video tutorials and guides online, and even update the MultiPro firmware – all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Please Note: The 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen is not a toy, and some of the components reach extreme temperatures. And while it is relatively safe for kids to use, supervision and discretion is recommended to avoid any unnecessary injury.


So let’s take a look at some of the specifications before exploring the different uses for the various tool attachments:


3Dsimo MultiPro: Multifunctional 3D Printing Pen  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Printing Technology

– FDM                                                                                        

  • Build Volume

– The Whole World!

  • Chassis Size (With 3D Pen Attachment)

– 170 x 34 x 20mm

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Extruder Style

– Direct Drive

  • Stock Nozzle

– Specialised Anti-Burn 0.7mm Nozzle

  • Max Hotend Temperature (3D Tool)

– 280°C

  • Max Hotend Temperature (Heating Tools)

– 480°C (10 Seconds Heat-Up Time)

  • Heat-Up Time

– 10 Seconds to 480°C

  • Print Platform Style

– Anywhere / Anytime

  • Printing Speed (Stable)

– 60mm/s

  • Printing Speed (Max)

– 200mm/s

  • Motherboard / Primary Controller

– Arduino Nano

  • User Interface

– Onboard Controls with OLED / 3Dsimo Mobile App

  • Communications Interfaces

– USB + Bluetooth

  • Included 3D Printing Filament

– 15m of Filament Included

  • Distinct Features

– Detachable Tool Heads

– Includes Convenient Carry-Case

– Replaceable Solder/Burning Tips

– Future Attachments Already Planned

– Temperatures up to 480°C

– Mobile App for Learning/Sharing/Designing

– Onboard LCD with Speed/Temp Controls

  • Weight (3D Pen)

– 70g

  • Weight (Package)

– 200g

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Power Supply

– 12V 2A AC/DC Adapter (Included)


3Dsimo MultiPro Starter Pack  -  Package Contents:

  • 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen
  • 15m Winding of 3D Filament
  • 3D Printing Attachment
  • 205 x 140mm Silicone Drawing Pad
  • Soldering Attachment
  • 2 x Spare Soldering Tips
  • Shaper Attachment
  • Pack of Soldering Tin
  • Foam Cutter Attachment
  • Pack of Spare Foam Cutter Wire
  • Foam Cutter Angle Platform
  • Convenient Carry-Case  
  • 1.5m USB Cable
  • Power Adapter + Cable


What Makes the 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen the Ultimate Maker’s Tool?

When comparing the 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen to other 3D Pens, it’s easy to see that alternatives simply cannot compete with the sheer value that the MultiPro offers. And whilst standard 3D Pens are designed with only one function in mind, the MultiPro utilises different attachments to convert from a 3D Printing Pen to a wide range of other tools, including some that haven’t even been released yet. As such, this is more than just a 3D Pen, and in addition to the classic 3D Printing Attachment, the MultiPro Pen also includes the following amazing attachments, all in one comprehensive package:

  • Soldering Iron Attachment: This attachment is a simple but ingenious addition that almost any 3D Pen could adopt, as it simply uses the built-in heating unit to heat a soldering iron tip, conveniently turning the 3Dsimo MultiPro into a soldering iron with almost zero extra effort. Additionally, this soldering attachment also doubles as a wood-engraver, capable of burning cool designs, patterns or entire art pieces into wood, leather, plastics and other soft materials.
  • Plastic Shaper Attachment: In a similar fashion to the soldering iron attachment, the Plastic Shaper Attachment utilises the heating unit in the 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen to heat up a tip, but this tip is not simply a soldering tip, and features a smooth, curved paddle-like attachment. This little “Shaping Paddle”, when heated to a reasonable temperature, can be used to shape printed plastics, removing all of the messy layer lines and smoothening out the design to appear more professionally crafted.
  • Foam Cutter Attachment: Finally, the 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen also features a relatively basic attachment, which may seem silly at first glance, but is actually a very cool addition to the set of tools that the MultiPro offers. This foam cutter attachment utilises the heating unit of the MultiPro Pen in order to heat a thin, strong and sharp wire, so that it can be used to cut and shape plastics as well! And because the cutting wire is heated, it can cut through both soft plastics like PLA, as well as hard plastics like Plexiglass, making it a great general-purpose tool even if you don’t use it for 3D Printing projects.
  • More Attachments on the Way: Although the attachments mentioned above are already more than enough to ensure that users are getting substantially more value than a typical 3D Pen offers, 3Dsimo also plan to release more attachments as they’re developed, and these will (as per the plan) include a glue gun, a heat gun, a saw, an electric screwdriver and a drill attachment that will all be perfectly compatible with this original model. So if the above tools are still not enough, then don’t worry, as 3Dsimo release these new attachments, we will certainly make sure to get them stocked ASAP.

These attachments are the perfect complementary tools that all 3D Pens should include, and when all of these tool attachments are used for a single project, the results are usually quite astounding, with some users enjoying almost unbelievable levels of success in making models, sculptures and artwork that even a full-sized 3D Printer would struggle to achieve. And in addition to simply being a fun tool to experiment and play with, the 3Dsimo allows Makers to truly explore their ideas to the fullest, with the ability to prototype projects from scratch, creating enclosures, soldering electronics, adding sleek designs and even trimming off overlaps or cutting parts down to size.


The following video is an amazing example of how the 3Dsimo MultiPro Pen can be used to create a project from start to finish, including the entire enclosure design, electronics and circuitry, as well as final touch-ups to smooth the corners and add some stylistic appeal to the overall design.



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3Dsimo MultiPro: Multifunctional 3D Printing Pen - Starter Pack

3Dsimo MultiPro: Multifunctional 3D Printing Pen - Starter Pack

3Dsimo is a modern-age company that was founded by a Fourth Year Electronics student (and Avid Maker) name David Paskevic in the year 2013, as he noticed a serious lack of development and interest in the area of portable 3D Printing Devices like 3D Pens. This spurred him to create his own 3D Pen named “3Dsimo: The Amazing 3D Pen”, which was welcomed with open arms by Maker communities all over the world, from Prestigious Art schools to home-brew hobbyist hangouts.

The success of the 3Dsimo Pen is largely due to the way that David designed the pen – being a user primarily, who already knew the common shortfalls and problems with the existing models all-too-well. This, in conjunction with some realistic but very hype-worthy Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, helped David further his designs, build the brand and the people within the company, and produce a range of different models, each focused on a unique field of 3D Pen functionality.

Now, just a few years after the initial 3Dsimo 3D Pen was introduced to the world, there are four distinct models, which includes a 3Dsimo Basic Low Temperature Pen, a more Open-Source Kit-Style 3D Pen that users can experiment with, as well as the 3Dsimo Mini and the 3Dsimo MultiPro – both of which feature various tool-head attachments that make them more than just 3D Pens, with interchangeable 3D Printing, Soldering, Shaping and Cutting attachments too!