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ToolkitRC is a collection of passionate battery experts, RC enthusiasts and Makers who are all dedicated to providing tools and equipment to help keep batteries safe, healthy and operating in great condition. Their catalogue of specialised products include a range of handy Lithium based battery balance chargers, awesome multitools for troubleshooting and analysing various RC components, as well as great toolkits for keeping motors and other RC gear calibrated and working just as they should. These are all complemented with beautiful designs that are both well made as well as visually striking, and this is further enhanced with a simple and easy to operate user interface that almost anyone with a little bit of knowledge will be able to enjoy.


When dealing with extremely high power Lithium Batteries, it’s always a good idea to keep your batteries well maintained and safe from unexpected faults, although this isn’t always easy to do unless you have the right tools and equipment to help you maintain and manage your batteries properly. This is why we love the ToolkitRC brand, as they are a brand of bright individuals who are passionate about batteries, and are dedicated to providing excellent quality battery charging products for Makers and RC enthusiasts of all skill levels and permissions. This allows everyone to enjoy healthy, happy and well maintained batteries with effective balance charging, precise charge and battery life management, as well as complete ease of use so as to avoid unexpected user errors and other potentially harmful battery faults. As a brand dedicated to ensuring batteries stay alive, healthier and happier for longer, we trust ToolkitRC to provide all of the battery charging tools and equipment we need.

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