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BIQU is an awesome brand that was founded by the same amazing people who founded BigTreeTech, which have of course become quite the well-renowned brand in the world of Hobbyist 3D Printing due to their growing range of very impressive 3D Upgrades like the SKR motherboards. This has not only catapulted their popularity to the frontlines, since many 3D Makers already love BigTreeTech upgrades for various other 3D Printers, but has also garnered them the perfect position to create and offer some of the best, most versatile and most effective 3D Printers on the market.

One of our favourite aspects about BIQU is the fact that they are extremely dedicated to pushing the envelope for hobbyist 3D Printing, bringing out amazing upgrades not only for their own machines, but for a wide range of models from various other popular brands too. This of course means that you can expect to see these awesome upgrades integrated into their various models, often being even better supported since these machines are designed to work perfectly with their own upgrades. 


Although many people may not quite recognise the name, BIQU is a fantastic brand that originated as BigTreeTech, and began their journey in the 3D Printing world by creating motherboards and other electronics that were made to enhance the functionality, ease of use and overall capabilities of other 3D Printers. However, after gaining a firm popularity as some the leaders in 3D Upgrades, they have also now branched off and created BIQU, a brand dedicated to creating entire 3D Printers for hobbyists like us.

Compared to many of the brands on the market, what we particularly love about BIQU is the way that their models come fully equipped with all of the exciting BigTreeTech controller boards, stepper drivers and other awesome components that are typically installed into other 3D Printers as powerful upgrades. These include the popular SKR motherboards, the BTT TMC Drivers, BTT TFT displays and other minor (but still valuable) upgrades that are often installed on Creality 3D Printers, but since these “upgrades” come stock on BIQU 3D Printers, you can enjoy even more reliable operations and functionality due to the fact that their machines are built specifically with their own boards and components in mind. This has resulted in BIQU creating some of the leading 3D Printers on the market, which don’t need any upgrades or improvements to match the quality of leading brands, and with many of the BIQU models actually surpassing the quality and capabilities of most other Hobbyist 3D Printers on the market.

If you love the idea of upgrading 3D Printers with all kinds of fun and functional upgrades, but aren’t too interested in getting a basic model that you have to actually upgrade yourself, the BIQU range of 3D Printers is the answer, bringing excellent quality coupled with all of the current best features available to 3D Makers.

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