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SA Filament is a local brand that is comprised of passionate 3D Makers, and is born out of the necessity to try and make 3D Filaments as freely available as possible for South Africans.

After 2020 being a year that none of us will ever forget, the team at SA Filament decided that South Africans needed a faster and more reliable way of getting good quality but affordable filament for getting involved in 3D Printing face masks and PPE, and there was simply no better way of achieving this than by opening up a manufacturing plant of their own.

This passion to provide for fellow South Africans, coupled with a Local Is Lekker attitude and the willingness to put in countless hours of hard work to turn a simple idea into a practical reality, SA Filament has proven that it's not only capable of delivering on its promise, but that it can even match international standards for the quality that local 3D Makers need from their filaments.


As Makers, we often can't help but try to fix the problems we see, whether it be at home, in our local environments, or pretty much anywhere else that we can reach, and this is essentially what has driven the SA Filament team to bring locally produced filaments to the South African Market. After experiencing one of the roughest and most challenging years that South Africans have faced in recent times, the team at SA Filament started seeing a severe shortage of filaments throughout the country, and although many local 3D Makers wanted to get involved in assisting with 3D Printed face masks and other PPE, there simply wasn't enough filament to go around for everyone. So, with a relatively simple idea driven by a passion for the SA 3D Maker community, the SA Filament team decided to take on the challenge and open up a manufacturing plant to begin extruding filaments locally - so that supplies could be not only available to as many South Africans as possible, but also as affordable as possible for everyone who wants to get involved in 3D Printing.

As 3D Makers who are passionate about not only their SA community's wellbeing, but also for ensuring that all SA 3D Makers have open access to affordable yet good quality filament, SA Filament have been true Makers in the fact that they saw a problem, created a solution, and followed through until the task was completed. We look forward to working with them to help boost the local 3D Filament industry, and we're excited to see just how big they can grow as they utilise their strong passion to drive the brand forward and deliver a Local, Lekker Filament for all SA Makers.

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