List of products by manufacturer Verbatim

Verbatim, the age-old brand that has been manufacturing recordable media from Floppy Discs to Blu-ray Discs as well as USB Drives and External Hard Drives since as far back as 1969, have taken their brand from digital to physical with a reputable range of 3D Printing Filaments. Their range includes standard PLA and ABS, but also extends to PET, Polypropelene, as well as their unique Primalloy and BVOH filaments as well.


Verbatim, the company known throughout the world for products relating to digital replication and duplication, proves that it is capable of staying up to date with the times with a good range of 3D Printer Filament, which is focused on physical replication and duplication.

Verbatim’s range includes the basic PLA and ABS filament, but also extends into more unique polymers like PET, PP and their own unique flexible Primalloy filament and BVOH dissolvable support filament. The filament is made to high quality standards, while maintaining a relatively low price – fitting perfectly in line with the same successful business model that they have been utilising for almost half a century now. These filaments come in all of the basic colours that you’d expect, as well as transparent and silver as well.

With almost half a century of proven success in the industry replication and duplication, you know that you can rely on Verbatim filament to deliver consistent results every time. From digital to physical replication, Verbatim is a brand that understands precisely where it’s capable of offering real value to customers, and with their range of 3D Printer Filament they have taken another step towards staying modern and up to date by catering to the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

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