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LED 5mm White - Clear Lens, TH



These Large 5mm White LEDs feature a Clear Lens for bright and efficient operation, offering directional white lighting ranging from 380nm to 640nm.

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With the growing popularity and use of LED’s in modern Electronics, we have been thoroughly enjoying how the price of these have slowly decreased over time, but also how the accessibility and availability of various types of LEDs has increased. This has opened up so many great opportunities for integrating LED lighting into projects for different purposes, from basic lighting to subtle accents, and we can now select from a wide range of different LEDs & Lighting for different projects, depending on the needs and nuances of each intended use case.

These 5mm White LEDs are Clear Lens LEDs, and are primarily built for use as indicators due to their relatively low level of brightness. However, despite this low brightness, their large size ensures that they are very visible, making them perfect as indicators on enclosures and electronics panels for quick and easy-to-read status indications. If you are eager to get LEDs of different colours or sizes, then be sure to take a look at our 10mm LEDs , as well as out 5mm LEDs and 3mm LEDs sections as well, which include various colours from the standard Red, Blue and Green, all the way through to Ultraviolet and Infrared.

Please Note: These units are sold in minimum order quantities of five (5), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


5mm White LED  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Size

– 5mm                                         

  • Colour

– White

  • Lens Type

– Clear

  • Wavelength

– 380nm - 640nm

  • Forward Voltage

– 3.1V - 3.3V DC

  • Forward Current

– 10mA Recommended

– 20mA Max

  • Mounting Style

– Through-Hole


Additional Resources:

  • This is an awesome LED Resistance Calculator, which we often use to find out what resistors and power requirements our basic LED circuits will need, and to help customers figure out precisely what they need for their projects to shine bright.


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LED 5mm White - Clear Lens, TH

LED 5mm White - Clear Lens, TH