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Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board



The Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board is ideal for prototyping custom Raspberry Pi Shields – Semi-perforated with screw-terminals to make prototyping easy.

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Prototyping from scratch is never an easy task, and is often more difficult than many would expect. However, with the Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board you don’t have to start from nothing, and are provided with an excellent foundation for prototyping custom Pi designs and modular Shield expansions – affectionately known as Raspberry “HAT”s within the Raspberry Pi community.

This Raspberry Pi Proto Shield is designed to make Pi prototyping as easy as possible, and includes a semi-perforated area that acts just like a breadboard – allowing you to simply plug components in without soldering. This is ideal for SOIC chips and surface mounted components, which are often the most difficult to solder onto PC boards. With this Shield though, you can simply plug your components in and then plug this expansion directly onto the top of a Raspberry Pi Model B or similar board.

The board is capable of providing power and has its own power status indicator, allowing it to be utilized separately or in unison with a Raspberry Pi development platform, and is equipped with all of the sockets and headers you may need for connecting modules, components and other HATs as well.


Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Board Hole Spacing

– 2.54mm

  • Dimensions

– 85 x 55 x 25mm

  • Weight

– 55g


Typical Applications for the Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board:

The Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board is designed to allow Makers to prototype their own HATs (or Shields) for Raspberry Pi projects. This allows you to easily and quickly switch out circuits as necessary, as any circuitry built on this board can become a modular, temporary expansion. This prototyping HAT can also simply add to an existing project permanently, and many Makers have bought this HAT for the following projects:

  • Building a custom video game system with Classic SNES Controllers, a 7 Inch LCD Screen and a 3D-printed enclosure.
  • Designing a Shield (or HAT) with unique functionality that you may not always need – but can attach at any time when you do need it.
  • Prototyping brand new gadgets and devices powered by a Raspberry Pi minicomputer – like a custom smart phone, a tablet with unique functions or even a media centre for your car.

These projects are all made easier with this Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board, with semi-perforation and screw-in terminals to ensure that almost any Maker can get involved in the Maker community and start prototyping with Raspberry Pi today.

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Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board

Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board