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Rainbow Case for Raspberry Pi - Type B

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The Raspberry Pi Rainbow Case fits Model B boards, and is designed to add colour and fun to a project while keeping it safe from physical harm.

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Adding colour to a project is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of creativity and fun, and now you can add a whole bunch of colours (and fun) to your Raspberry Pi projects with this Raspberry Pi Rainbow Case Type B. Featuring six different coloured layers as well as a clear Perspex cover and backplate, this case not only shows off your creative side, but also offers clear visibility for viewers to take a peek under the hood and see all of the Electronics Components that make these boards tick.

This case is designed for Model B variations of Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Boards, and is made of eight layers in total, stacked together to form a snug and compact enclosure. It includes space for all of the extra cables, components and Pi HATs that you want to plug in, while keeping the board and components safe from almost all types of direct physical damage. It is easy to put together or take apart if necessary, with simple transparent screws and nuts to tightly hold it all together, and these also act as stands for the little case to prevent any scratching or other unnecessary damage to the top and bottom cover plates.

Note: Our images include the protective adhesive strips on each piece, which need to be peeled off to reveal the colours of the layers. These strips keep the layers safe from scratches during transit, so that you can receive your case in pristine condition.


Rainbow Case for Raspberry Pi  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

– Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B

  • Case Colours

– Clear / Green / Red / Yellow / Pink / Light Blue / Dark Blue

  • Number of Layers

– 8 (Including Front + Back)

  • Cover/Backplate Colour

– Transparent/Clear

  • Extras

– 4 x Transparent Hex Nuts / 4 x Transparent Screws


Typical Applications for the Type B Raspberry Pi Rainbow Case:

The Raspberry Pi Rainbow Case Type B is a fun and exciting way to protect your projects from damage, and allows for ample space to fit Raspberry Pi Accessories while maintaining a snug and firm hold on the main board. It is simple to both put together and take apart, and can even become a permanent addition to a Raspberry Pi board since it doesn’t interfere with the cables or accessories  that you may want to plug in.

If you are looking to add some fun and excitement to your Raspberry Pi projects, but don’t want to have to design and print your own case, the Raspberry Pi Rainbow Case is a great enclosure with an enticingly low price tag.


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