New Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case with Dual Cooling Fans - Cover Expand

Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case with Dual Cooling Fans

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Give your new Pi 4 the Ultimate Protector with this Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case, featuring Dual Cooling Fans, a sturdy build, and a sleek new style.

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Raspberry Pi is a truly awesome platform that offers a fantastically powerful development system that is affordable for anyone who is passionate enough about learning and developing their Electronics and coding skills. However, despite the impressively low price of the various powerful and functional Raspberry Pi Boards, it’s still important to keep your Pi protected, so as to keep them safe from unnecessary harm and keep your projects working in perfect order at all times – and this is especially important for the new Raspberry Pi 4 boards.

This is why we love to add great products like this Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case (with Dual Cooling Fans) to our catalogue, to give Makers like you more options for protecting your Pi, while also offering unique ways to express your style with a variety of different types, colours and material compositions.

Compared to many of the other Raspberry Pi Cases that we stock, this case is particularly awesome because it’s made from highly durable and lightweight aluminium, featuring two cooling fans that fit neatly into the top piece, and convenient spaces for all of the ports and peripherals that you want to use with your Pi. The aluminium build, while being ultra-durable, also helps to dissipate heat really well, and actually becomes a heatsink as the Pi processes, while the included heatsinks help to dissipate heat directly from the primary chips in order for the fans and aluminium case to spread it into the surrounding air.

With so many upsides to this great case, it has been difficult to find any downsides at all, although if we were to really pull at straws and find some kind of problem, it would be that this case is only compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 4 2GB, 4GB and 1GB boards. However, if you’re looking for Pi Cases that fit older models, we also stock a great range that you can find in our Raspberry Pi Accessories section, so be sure to look through all of the options available before making your final decision.


Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case with Dual Cooling Fans  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

– Raspberry Pi 4 8GB / 4GB / 2GB                        

  • Material Composition

– Aluminium

  • Material Post Processing

– Oxidation | Sand Blasting | Coating

  • Material Colour

– Black

  • ESD Rating

– Non-Shielding

  • No. of Cooling Fans

– 2

  • Required GPIO Ports for Fans    

– 2

  • Weight

– 107g

  • Dimensions

88 x 58mm (With Space for USB/Ethernet Ports)


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