Raspberry Pi 4 Rainbow Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan - Cover Expand

Raspberry Pi 4 Rainbow Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan

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This cool little Raspberry Pi 4 Rainbow Acrylic Case puts the “fun” in functional, offering great protection, cooling & funky colours for your Pi 4.

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If you love using Electronics and coding to blend creativity and science for amazing projects, and like to keep your projects safe from unexpected (or even expected) damage, then you’re going to find this Raspberry Pi 4 Rainbow Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan hard to ignore. This awesome little case is designed to snugly fit around and provide protection for the new Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB, 4GB and 1GB boards, and is brightly coloured to keep it exciting while also keeping it safe. It consists of six acrylic pieces that all stack together underneath, around and on top of the Pi, with a cooling fan and dedicated cooling slot to deliver fresh air directly to the Components that need it most.

In terms of assembly, this little colourful case is comprised of six (6) acrylic parts, as well as screws, nuts and spacers to keep everything in place – as well as some mounting spacers that allow you to mount a display on top of it all. The back panel consists of two pieces, with one acting as a base and the other acting as a support for the Raspberry Pi board to sit on. The Raspberry Pi board is then mounted onto the top piece of the base pair, and the remaining acrylic pieces then fit snugly around and above the Pi in a Red, Orange, Blue, Green arrangement. Additionally, small X cut-outs have been machined into the base, so you can easily mount the entire unit onto a wall, the side of a desk, or any other surface with just one or two screws depending on the orientation you want.

And finally, if the fun colours and great functionality of these Pi Cases still aren’t enough to convince you that you need this case, this little case kit also comes with four little heatsinks for the major components like the CPU, to add even more effectiveness to the cooling, and allowing your Pi to operate and full efficiency even when operating at maximum capabilities.


Raspberry Pi 4 Rainbow Acrylic Case  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi Compatiblity

Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB / 4GB / 1GB                              

  • Material Composition

– Acrylic (Six Pieces)

  • Material Post Processing

– None

  • Material Colours (Bottom to Top)

– Black | Black | Red | Orange | Blue | Green

  • ESD Rating

– Non-Shielding

  • No. of Cooling Fans

– 1

  • Required GPIO Ports for Fans

– 2

  • Weight

– 56g

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