Raspberry Pi Camera Scheduler - Dual Camera FFC Expand

Raspberry Pi Camera Scheduler - Dual Camera FFC

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The Raspberry Pi Camera Scheduler allows you to control two cameras simultaneously, for stereographic imagery or specially-timed photography.

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Fiddling with Camera Modules and microcontrollers is always fun, and often leads to cool new discoveries and ways of utilising electronics in unique ways. However, most camera applications are somewhat limited by the fact that most microcontrollers can only operate one camera at a time, and while one camera is certainly enough for many different applications, sometimes projects call for the use of two cameras, such as with stereoscopic photography, or when you need to employ the benefits from two different cameras in a single project.

This Raspberry Pi Camera Scheduler is a mighty cool Dual Camera FFC that is essentially a flexible PCB module, designed to allow Pi Makers to utilise dual cameras for excitingly unique projects. It has built-in circuitry that allows for manual or automatic dual-camera scheduling via GPIO, allowing you to either take simultaneous photos and video for stereoscopic purposes, or to utilise two different cameras for various other effects. Some common use cases involve utilising both a Standard Raspberry Pi Camera and an IR Cut (NOIR) Pi Camera for 24/7 day/night monitoring, using a secondary long-distance camera for simultaneous macro and focused imagery, as well as to build a camera unit that can take photos in front of and behind it at the same time.

Bear in mind that, despite having awesome features and opening up a whole new world of possibilities, the Camera Scheduler does have a limitation worth noting. This limitation is that the cameras used with this module must be the same types of cameras, and as such you can’t use, for example, an 8MP IMX219 Camera alongside a 5MP OV5647 Camera, and the cameras must be matching in their design. However, you can certainly use similar cameras with different fields of view, lens properties and attachments.

Please Note: If you quickly scanned through this description, it’s important to note the final paragraph above, which explains that this module must use similar cameras – utilising two different image sensors simultaneously (IMX219 with OV5647 Sensors for example) may not work, or may lead to unexpected complications.


Raspberry Pi Dual Camera Scheduler FFC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Control Style

– Automatic  OR  Manual

  • Control Interface

– Single GPIO Pin

  • Pi to Scheduler Interface

– CSI Port (FFC Cable)

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 3B / 2B

Raspberry Pi 4 B

Raspberry Pi Zero W / Zero

Raspberry Pi Boards with CSI Interface

  • Camera Module Compatibility (IMX219)

Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1

Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1

  • Camera Module Compatibility (OV5647)

Raspberry Pi Camera (B)

Raspberry Pi Camera (F)

Raspberry Pi Camera (G)

Raspberry Pi Camera (I)

  • Included Extras

– 1 x 150mm RPi Zero V1.3 Camera Cable

– 2 x Jumper Wires

– 1 x 22-Pin 160mm FFC Strip

  • Weight

– ±10g

  • Dimensions

– 76 x 26mm


Additional Resources:

  • This is the official Waveshare Camera Scheduler Wiki, which contains all the information you need to get started and start enjoying dual-camera or scheduled photography and videography.


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