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Nebra Enclosure Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate

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This Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate is designed to mount inside the Nebra IP67 Enclosure, and features space for a Pi with three HATs of your choosing.

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If you’re one of the many Makers who enjoy taking projects out into the world, to live in harsh environments with constantly changing weather patterns and exposures to the extreme elements, then you will probably already know about the amazing Nebra IP67 Raspberry Pi Enclosure. However, if you don’t know about this amazing case yet, then you should definitely take a look at it, as it offers true protection from all types of weather, and this even includes full immersion in water up to 1 meter for half an hour, meaning that it could even potentially survive a flood or tsunami – which is a ridiculously awesome level of protection!

This is why we’re so keen to tell you about this fancy Nebra Enclosure Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate that we’re now stocking, as this is designed to fit snugly inside the Nebra IP67 Aluminium Enclosure, offering very convenient mounting points for a Raspberry Pi Board, as well as up to three Raspberry Pi HATs of your choosing! These HATs can include, for example, the PiJuice HAT for protection against power loss, an RPi Relay Board for controlling other devices nearby, an IoT LORA Gateway or SIM868 GSM HAT for networking or communications, or even a WM8960 Audio HAT for setting up an outdoor weather-resistant entertainment system in your back yard. Regardless of which Pi HATs you actually want to install though, you can rest assured that they will all fit perfectly, and safely within the rugged and durable Nebra IP67 Aluminium Enclosure.

One of the coolest features about this Mounting Platform is that it’s more than just a space for mounting boards and HATs, and is actually a cleverly designed PCB that connects all of the HATs and the Pi via internal circuits, featuring four 40-Pin GPIO Headers that you can plug your Pi HATs directly onto. The fourth GPIO header, however, is positioned slightly out of the way, but fortunately a handy 40-Pin Ribbon Cable is also included so that you can plug your Raspberry Pi into the mounting plate too, and this should result in all three HATs essentially stacking on top of the Pi via the mounting plate PCB. This offers the benefit of being discrete in its form factor, while giving all of the boards ample “breathing room” for any heat dissipation required, while the enclosure itself also acts as a thermal sink, keeping everything inside safe, snug and operating at a nice cool temperature.


Nebra Enclosure Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier

Pi Supply                                                                        

  • No. of RPi Boards Supported

– 1

  • No. of RPi HATs Supported

– 3

  • No. of Broken Out GPIO Headers

– 4

  • Material Composition

– PCB: Multilayer

  • Mounting Plate Colour

– Black with White Silkscreen

  • Included Extras

– 1 x 200mm GPIO Ribbon Cable

– 1 x 200mm Ethernet Cable

– 1 x Set of Mounting Components

  • Weight

– ±150g

  • Dimensions

– 182.5 x 126.5mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to find out more about how Pi Boards and HATs are mounted on this handy mounting plate, take a look through this Pi Supply Nebra Mounting Plate Guide and see for yourself just how snug, discrete and sleek this unit looks once equipped and installed in the Nebra IP67 Enclosure.


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Nebra Enclosure Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate

Nebra Enclosure Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate

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