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Our 65mm x 25mm Robot Wheels are the ideal solution for giving your robot the freedom of movement – Compatible with our geared motors and build-platform.

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While it’s true that not all robots have to move around to be cool, it’s also true that a robot with the freedom of movement is a lot more exciting and versatile than a stationary robot. This is why we stock our 65mm by 25mm Robot Wheels, which work natively with our Geared Motors and fit perfectly into our pre-cut DIY Robot Kits.

These wheels are designed to be controlled via geared motors and an Arduino Board or similar development platform, and allow Makers to build robots that can move around freely, track their surroundings and even get the newspaper from the front door in morning. The wheels have strong-grip treads on, which provide good grip both forwards and backwards, and are decorated with a cheerful yellow hub too support the outer rim.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter

– 65mm

  • Width

– 25mm

  • Motor Compatibility

– Geared DC Motor

  • Tread

– Strong-Grip


Typical Applications for these 65x25mm Robot Wheels:

We stock our Robot Wheels predominantly for robotics applications, although in theory they could be used for a wide range of other applications. However, these wheels are specifically designed to work with geared motors, and as such are the perfect choice for any Maker wanting to give their robot more freedom.

The large 65mm diameter also ensures that the robot won’t get stuck or confused when presented with light bumps or small stones, since the strong grip is more than capable of maintaining good traction over rocky or bumpy surfaces. If you’re eager to upgrade your robot and give it the ability to explore the world around it (or just go where you tell it to) these robot wheels are an effective and affordable choice.

Note that we also stock a range of Other Wheels, in case you need thinner, wider or ball-based wheels as well.

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