TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm Expand

TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm



The TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm is TEVO’s version of the fan-favourite BuildTak, made to fit the TEVO Tarantula XL Bed for enhanced printing quality.

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This TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm is essentially TEVO’s version of the classic BuildTak printing surface, but is made to fit the TEVO Tarantula XL Heatbed to enhance first-layer-adhesion and overall print quality. It is 220x280mm in size and sticks directly onto the top of the existing heatbed, with excellent adhesion properties for almost all types of different 3D Printing Filament.

Compared to Painter’s Tape, hairspray and other simple adhesion aids, BuildTak is a lot more effective at holding melted filament in place. However, it’s important to remember that you need to accommodate for the impressive adhesion characteristics of BuildTak, as some Makers who move from old Adhesion Aids to this surface continue use the same old “smoosh” settings – and quickly find that their prints stick “too well” to the surface. So, allow some extra space for the nozzle to drop the melted filament on, rather than pushing it on, to avoid having your prints are still relatively easy to remove.


Technical Specifications:

  • Surface Size

– 220x280mm

  • Heatbed Compatibility

– TEVO tarantula XL Bed

  • Manufacturer


  • Filament Compatibility

– All Types of 3D Filament


Typical Applications for the TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm:

The TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm is designed to fit the XL Heatbed on the TEVO Tarantula, but can be stuck onto the top of any heatbed that is large enough to accommodate it. It not only enhanced first layer adhesion and overall print quality, but also makes it easier to get the prints off of the surface after printing as well. If you are struggling with first layer adhesion, or are simply tired of repeatedly putting on Kapton Tape, Painter’s Tape, hairspray or any other adhesion aids, this is a great investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

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TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm

TEVO BuildTak 220x280mm