DIYElectronics BuildTak 310x310mm - Custom Branded - Cover Expand

DIYElectronics BuildTak 310x310mm - Custom Branded

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Our Custom-Branded DIYElectronics BuildTak has been specially made just for us, to offer excellent first-layer adhesion with our DIYElectronics logo.

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As many of you will know by now, we’ve been in the 3D Printing game for quite a while now, and have been working hard on developing awesome relationships with suppliers like Creality, CCTree, eSUN and even FlashForge as we strive to deliver even better prices and quality for South African 3D Makers. However, now that these supplier relationships are coming to a good level of fruition, we’ve decided to leverage our hard work, with custom requests for the products that we already know and love – such as this awesome custom-branded DIYElectronics BuildTak!

Our sheets of DIYElectronics BuildTak are 310x310mm in size, so as to cater to a wide range of different 3D Printers, and feature our own Custom Branded DIYElectronics logo with Octoman sprawled out and ready to adhere to whatever polymers you want to print on it. We have chosen to utilise the soft blue colour, similar to CCTREE BuildTak and some of the older Creality BuildTaks that we stocked, and have made sure that our BuildTak is manufactured to the exact same specifications as the original that everybody knows and loves.

This Custom BuildTak allows our most passionate and loyal fans to enjoy excellent first-layer while representing the DIYElectronics Brand, but without ever compromising on price or print quality. We feel that this follows our brand ethos well, and we are thoroughly excited to finally be able to bring our awesome new Custom DIYElectronics BuildTak to you – our most favourite of fans.


Custom Branded DIYElectronics BuildTak  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand                         

– DIYElectronics

  • Dimensions

– 310 x 310mm

  • Colour

– Light Blue with White Branding 

  • Max Temperature

– 110°C


Typical Applications for our Custom 310x310mm DIYElectronics BuildTak:

Our Custom Branded DIYElectronics BuildTak is made to the exact same specifications as the original BuildTak and Every Other BuildTak that we stock, and as such, is ready to offer some of the best first-layer adhesion that you can find on the market. This, in conjunction with the fact that we’ve actually put our name on this fantastic Adhesion Aid Material, means you can trust in the continued effectiveness of this BuildTak, and perhaps more so than any other standard piece too.

Despite the fact that this has been manufactured in the same way as any other BuildTak sheets on the market, we have made damn sure that every single piece of this BuildTak has been thoroughly inspected for any flaws or problems (since we don’t want our Brand name to be tainted by bad quality) and we are confident that you will enjoy not only some fantastic first-layer adhesion, but also the fun colouring and consistently low price that we continuously strive to provide.

So, if you want great first-layer adhesion for quality 3D Printing, while representing what we hope is your favourite local 3D Printing supplier, then this Custom DIYElectronics BuildTak is a great choice that is guaranteed to make your 3D Printer at least 84% more awesome than ever before!



Really Solid Choice

Tried a few different solutions but this one has been the most reliable one I've tried so far.

I buy pre-cut glass from the nearest hardware store for like R20, stick this on "permanently" and throw both away when I damage it doing something stupid.

Other buildtak surfaces I've tried tended to peal off at higher temperatures, and the the unique color of this makes it easy to see your first layer as it's different from any colours I print in.

Only real down side is I have to cut it down to fit my Ender 3 as they only have this size, but fits my diy printer perfectly.


excellent Print adhesion

This is my first time using buildtak, and I love the bed adhesion. sometimes it sticks too well to the build plate. I have yet not had any prints coming loose while printing, and great price


Is this the best Buildtak ?

Is this the best Buildtak. I dont know if it is actually different to other brands or offerings, but for me it works the best.

Best build surface I have ever tried. ABS sticks perfect (bed 110C and heated chamber), with no additives and separates with some effort when cold.
Only pity is that it isnt 310 x 320 to fit my CR10 PRO V2 .

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DIYElectronics BuildTak 310x310mm - Custom Branded

DIYElectronics BuildTak 310x310mm - Custom Branded

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