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12V Alkaline GP23A Battery



These 12V Alkaline GP23A Batteries are fantastic general power cells, with a smaller size than usual to fit in those tight spaces with your next DIY project.

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When it comes to powering up projects, there are few better options than Batteries. However, we have become so accustomed to batteries in almost all areas of our lives, that we often forget just how important they can be. This is what makes us so excited about these single-use 12V Alkaline GP23A Batteries, which offer 23A of pure power for your Electronics projects. Although small they are mighty, enabling Makers like us to take our projects out into the world – and without having to find a wall outlet or some other kind of power source when we want to use them.

The 12V Alkaline GP23A Battery is classified the small size of L1028F, most commonly used in security gate remotes or other small projects. Alkaline Batteries have a wide range of great uses. So, we make sure to stock many different sizes for you to find the perfect one to meet your project needs. Although not rechargeable, this batteries are affordable and reliable, allowing you to easily swap them out with a fresh pair when needed. So, if you need some reliable batteries for your DIY mini clock, remote controller or any other low-voltage appliances and devices at home, these batteries are the perfect tools for the job.

12V Alkaline GP23A Batteries - Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage

– 12V

  • Current

– 23A

  • Battery Type/Size

– L1028F

  • Electrical Chemistry

– Alkaline: Zinc/Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)

  • Terminal Type

– Standard

  • Reusability

– Single Use

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12V Alkaline GP23A Battery

12V Alkaline GP23A Battery