1.5V AAA Battery 4 Pack - Cover Expand

1.5V AAA Battery 4 Pack - Ultra Alkaline



Replenish your stash of 1.5V AAA Batteries with this 4 Pack of reliable ultra alkaline cells, ready to provide the portable power you need for high-drain household appliances.

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Batteries have certainly come a long way since their original invention as jars filled with various conducting fluids, and while it took a long time for them to become commonplace items around the home and office, nowadays it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without Batteries. Fortunately, we don’t have to carry around messy and dangerous jars of dodgy fluids anymore, and batteries have been developed to great standards that make them not only safe, but also reliable. With various kinds of batteries available for all kinds of applications and purposes, these 1.5V Ultra Alkaline AAA Batteries are one of the most popular choices for home and office use.

These 1.5V AAA Batteries are supplied by PKCell, a reliable brand in the world of portable power. These are stocked for general purpose applications, but are equipped with the “Ultra” alkaline chemistry which provide extra performance. This makes them a great choice for high-drain devices. PKCell's 1.5V AAA Batteries are a great choice for powering your toys, electric razor, digital cameras, gameboys, and all sorts of everyday technology.



  • Manufacturer                         

– PKCell                                                      

  • No. of Cells in Pack

– 4

  • Battery Type/Size


  • Nominal Voltage

– 1.5V

  • Electrical Chemistry  

– Ultra Alkaline

  • Terminal Type

– Standard

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1.5V AAA Battery 4 Pack - Ultra Alkaline

1.5V AAA Battery 4 Pack - Ultra Alkaline