9V PP3 Battery - 500mAh - Cover Expand

9V PP3 Battery - 500mAh



This handy 9V PP3 Battery offers 500mAh of reliable, portable power, allowing Makers like you to take your projects out into the big wide world.

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Batteries are awesome little tools that allow us Makers to take our projects out into the wild, to experiment with real-world situations and put our skills to the real test. However, when running relatively lower power Electronics, we don’t always need large capacity LiPo Batteries or Lithium Cells, and in these cases, it’s great to have a reliable portable power source to keep your projects powered and ready to operate at full functionality.

These 9V PP3 Batteries are the ideal little tools for powering a very wide range of different projects, offering around 500mAh capacity at a relatively high 9V supply. This makes them a great choice for general electronics, Arduino Boards, LED Strips and many other light to moderate power applications. And while these particular Batteries are not rechargeable, they can be easily replaced on the fly, meaning that even if your project is power-hungry, you can keep it going for hours or even days depending on how many batteries you keep as spares.

Finally, if you love to take your Arduino projects into the world to show off to colleagues, friends, family or evens strangers, then be sure to also take a look at our 9V Arduino Battery Connectors too, as these are the perfect additions to complement reliable 9V batteries, especially since most Arduino Boards have an onboard regulator via the 2.1mm Port, which drops the input voltage down to whatever the Arduino needs – allowing Makers to use 9V for long-lasting, reliable power.


9V 500mAh PP3 Battery  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– RS Components

  • Battery Series

– RS Pro Series

  • Battery Type/Size

– PP3

  • Nominal Voltage

– 9V

  • Electrical Chemistry

– Alkaline: Zinc/Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)        

  • Terminal Type

– Standard

  • Shelf Life

– 60 Months / 5 Years

  • Weight

– 49g (±4g Tolerance)

  • Dimensions (Including Contacts)

– 17.5 x 26.5 x 48.5mm



9BAT9VRSPRO - Material Safety Datasheet

Download (360.71k)

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