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This Bone Conduction Audio Kit from DFRobot is designed to transmit quality audio signals through hard materials, including bone, wood & even metals.

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Creating audio waves, despite having quite an advanced science behind it, is actually relatively easy to do, and simply requires a vibration or repeated frequency to run through a resonator before being amplified by some form of projector like a cone. In fact, you can even make a legitimate (albeit bad quality) speaker from a paperclip and a business card by running audio frequencies through the paperclip and using the business card as an amplifying cone. This kind of interesting experimentation is what led us to bone conduction, which utilises a similar approach as the paperclip method, but with a few specialised parts to help filter and refine the audio waves.

Bone conduction technology is a clever tech’ that sends audio signals directly through the bone labyrinth in the skull to deliver relatively high quality sound directly to the inner ear. This helps the sound waves bypass a lot of the complex components in the ear – which are often the parts at fault when people experience degraded hearing or tinnitus – boosting the clarity of the audio signals by reducing the amount of filtering and transmissions between various parts of the human ear. This can be an invaluable benefit for anyone with degraded hearing that involves the outer parts of the ear, which is why our in-house copywriter is so damn excited about getting his hands on one of these Bone Conduction Audio Kits!

These Bone Conduction Kits from DFRobot consist of a specialised audio amplifier board with onboard potentiometer control, an audio cable for audio data transmission, and a single bone conduction headphone unit that utilises a vibrating plate instead of the classic cone style projector. These three components, when working together, create audio waves that are particularly good at travelling through hard materials like bone or even wood, which is quite unique when compared to the standard style of sending audio via compressed air waves.


Bone Conduction Audio Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Power Input

– 3V to 5.5V DC

  • Audio Input

– Positive/Negative

  • Audio Output

– Left / Right (Positive and Negative Pins for Each)

  • AGC Switch (Jumper Activated)

– Plugged = AGC Off

– Unplugged = AGC On

  • Gain

– GAIN = VDD, Gain = 40dB

– GAIN = GND, Gain = 50dB

– GAIN = Vacant, Gain = 60dB

  • A/R

– Activate/Release Ratio:

– A/R = GND: Activate/Release ratio = 1:500

– A/R = VDD: Activate/Release ratio = 1:2000

– A/R = Vacant: Activate/Release ratio = 1:4000

  • Parts Included in the Kit

– 1 x Bone Conduction Speaker

– 1 x Conduction Audio Driver Board

– 1 x 3.5mm Earphone Cable

  • Earphone Cable

– 3.5mm Headphone Jack to 2-Pin | 100cm Long

  • Audio Output Cable

– 2-Pin to Conduction Speaker | 30cm Long

  • Amplifier Board Dimensions

– 50 x 20mm

  • Weight

– 36g


Typical Applications for Bone Conduction Audio Kit:

Bone conduction is an amazing technology for anyone who loves music but struggles with hearing problems or tinnitus, as it helps to reduce the amount of transmissions and translations that occur in the ears before the audio reaches the brain. However, what we like most about these Bone Conduction Audio Kits is that they can be used for more than just that. So let’s explore some of the unique and exciting aspects of bone conduction technology, as well as some of the fun projects you can experiment with if you get this kit:

  • Building your own “Anything Speaker” with the bone conduction headphone by simply finding a box or similar amplifying structure, and lightly attaching the headphone unit to the side. Great amplifiers like this that can be found in a typical home include component or jewellery boxes, glass picture frames with air gaps between the pictures and the glass, or even simple buckets and other objects with bulkheads, compartments or semi-enclosed spaces.
  • Creating a hearing for aid for yourself or a loved one with hearing problems – For cases in which the damage or fault is in the outer ear, bone conduction can bypass the faulty parts and offer a higher quality audio than standard hearing does.
  • Making specialised headphones that deliver relatively high quality audio but without blocking standard hearing. This enables runners to enjoy their favourite activity while listening to the sounds of traffic around them, allows construction workers to utilise audio communications while being aware of dangerous machinery, or can even let you privately listen to your favourite sport while holding a coherent conversation with friends or co-workers.

Whether you plan on using this bone conduction kit for fun experimentation or for practical purposes at home or in the workplace, it is certainly one of the most interesting Audio Modules that we’ve had the pleasure of tinkering around with. Additionally, if you love to experiment with audio and sound waves, you can look forward to hours of fun as you discover the unique way that sound conduction can be used, both in the conventional ways as well as in the unique ways that Makers have learned to utilise it.


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