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M8S Multifunctional Charge, Test, Analysis & PSU Tool

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The M8S from ToolikitRC is a multifunctional tool for maintaining battery health, testing components and keeping your RC Gear tuned to perfection.

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As enthusiasts of all things electronic, we love playing with RC vehicles and drones, and we especially love how it’s possible to beef them up to absolutely unreasonable levels for extreme speed, power and performance. However, as Electronics enthusiasts, we also understand the importance of safe battery operation and maintenance, and this is why we’re always on the lookout for cool products like the ToolkitRC M8S, as it’s these kinds of tools that really help us monitor, analyse, test and maintain good health for our Batteries, which of course are the primary power sources for the high speeds, power and performance that we need from our RC  toys  equipment.

The M8S Multifunctional Charge, Test, Analysis & PSU Tool is quite a beast in a tiny little package, and offers not only excellent charging and discharging features for batteries, but also includes a range of awesome features that helps with testing, analysing and even powering them for physical tests too. Additionally, the M8S also offers a surprising level of compatibility, with support for all of the major Lithium Based Batteries, as well as support for NiMh Batteries and Pb based batteries too. This wide level of functionality and compatibility make it a true all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to get the most out of their batteries and RC gear – while keeping safe from potential battery problems.

In terms of functionality, the TollkitRC M8S is capable of measuring PWM, PMM and sBUS signals, as well as the Internal Resistances of batteries, the precise voltage of individual batteries in a cell pack, and even ESC output measurement for in-depth tweaking. Furthermore, the M8S can also output a good range of modulated signals too, including PWM, PMM and sBUS, and can also output standard power at very specific ratings. These all assist tremendously with Battery Management and good battery health, while also allowing users to test motors, ESC modules and many other RC components – all in an easy to use pocket-sized unit that is as sleek and stylish as it is functional.


ToolkitRC M8S Multifunctional RC Tool  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Model No.

– M8S

  • Battery Compatibility

LiPo / LiHV / LiFe / Li-Ion : 1S to 8S

NiMh : 1S to 20S

Pb/Lead : 1S to 12S

  • Input Voltage

– 7V to 30V DC

  • Input Current

– 0.1A to 18A

  • Charging Power

– 400W @ 0.1A to 18A

  • Discharging Power

– Recycle Mode: 400W @ 0.1A to 18A

– Normal Mode: 15W @ 0.1A to 5A

  • Balance Charging Current

– 800mA @ 2S to 8S

  • Charging Accuracy

– ±0.01V

  • USB Output

– 5V @ 2.1A Max

  • User Interface

– 2.4-inch TFT LCD

– Jog Wheel Encoder with Extra Button

  • Input Ports

– XT60 for Power In

– USB-A for Firmware Updates

– Signal In (- + s) Pins for Analysis

– 9 Pin Balance Port

  • Output Ports

– XT60 for Charge Out

– USB for 5V 2.1A Out

– Signal Out (- + s) Pins for Generation

  • Measurement: PWM

– 880 to 2200us @ 20Hz to 400Hz

  • Measurement: PPM

– 880 to 2200us*8CH @ 20Hz to 50Hz

  • Measurement: sBUS

– 880 to 2200us*16CH @ 20Hz to 100Hz

  • Measurement: Voltage

– 1.0V to 5.0V @ 1S to 8S

  • Measurement: Internal Resistance

– 1mR to 100mR @ 1S to 8S

  • Measurement: ESC

– 400W @ 18A : PWM Output

  • Output: PWM

– 500 to 2500us @ 20Hz to 1000Hz

  • Output: PPM

– 880 to 2200us (8ch) @ 20Hz to 50Hz

  • Output: sBUS

– 880 to 2200us (16ch) @ 20Hz to 100Hz

  • Output: Power

– 1.0 to 30.0V @ 1.0 to 18A (Mode: CC+CV)

  • Overcurrent Cut-Off Protection

– 50ms

  • Weight

– 170g

  • Weight (Package)

– 255g

  • Dimensions

– 98 x 68 x 35mm

  • Dimensions (Package)

– 108.5 x 80.5 x 46mm


Typical Applications for the ToolkitRC M8S Multifunctional RC Tool:

The M8S Multifunctional Charge, Test & Analysis Tool is a fantastic tool for almost any Maker who likes dealing with batteries, but is particularly useful for RC enthusiasts who love to push their equipment to the limits – while staying safe and keeping components healthy. This is due to the wide range of RC related features such as the servo tester, signal generators, integrated Measurement Tools, as well as the ability to charge, discharge and balance lithium cell packs as large as 8S, and all of these are quite vital if you really love to take your RC adventures to the extreme. However, with that being said, because of the wide range of cool features that pertain to Lithium, NiMH and Lead based batteries, as well as the really cool signal generation and analysis features included, this multitool charger is ready to offer benefits to Electronics Makers of all kinds, having quickly secured a leading position amidst the many different Battery Chargers that we’ve tested and used over the years.


Additional Resources:

  • For more insights, information and future firmware updates, be sure to check out the original ToolkitRC M8S Multifunction Tool Page, where they list features and provide updated firmware on a semi-regular basis.
  • If you would like to enjoy a review from experts in the field of RC gear, this ToolkitRC M8S Review from RCVideoReviews does an awesome job of explaining many of the finer details, as well as what operating the unit is like for an end user.


9TKRM8SBLK - User Manual V1.1

9TKRM8SBLK - ToolkitRC M8S User Manual V1.1

Download (4.3M)

9TKRM8SBLK - User Manual V1.2

9TKRM8SBLK - ToolkitRC M8S User Manual V1.2

Download (4.19M)

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M8S Multifunctional Charge, Test, Analysis & PSU Tool

M8S Multifunctional Charge, Test, Analysis & PSU Tool

When dealing with extremely high power Lithium Batteries, it’s always a good idea to keep your batteries well maintained and safe from unexpected faults, although this isn’t always easy to do unless you have the right tools and equipment to help you maintain and manage your batteries properly. This is why we love the ToolkitRC brand, as they are a brand of bright individuals who are passionate about batteries, and are dedicated to providing excellent quality battery charging products for Makers and RC enthusiasts of all skill levels and permissions. This allows everyone to enjoy healthy, happy and well maintained batteries with effective balance charging, precise charge and battery life management, as well as complete ease of use so as to avoid unexpected user errors and other potentially harmful battery faults. As a brand dedicated to ensuring batteries stay alive, healthier and happier for longer, we trust ToolkitRC to provide all of the battery charging tools and equipment we need.