New AA Battery Holder Male Dupont Connectors - Four Slot - Cover Expand

AA Battery Holder with DuPont Connectors - Four Slot

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The convenient 4-slot AA Battery Holder features Male DuPont Connectors for plugging directly into breadboards, dev' boards and other modules.

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There’s nothing that can quite beat the feeling of turning on your fresh new Electronics project for the first time and watching all of the lights come alive, with the faint sounds of the electrons whizzing through the circuits. However, finding the ideal power solution for each project can be a challenge, as there are so many different types of dedicated Power Supplies, battery packs and even Solar Energy options to choose from – making it a surprisingly difficult choice as you weigh up the various benefits and shortfalls of each.

Fortunately, we have quite a selection of Power Solutions for Makers who love to tinker with electronics, and for any small to moderate scale electronics projects, we personally love these AA Battery Holders with Male DuPont Connectors, which offer Four Slots for AA batteries in series and conveniently integrated Male DuPont Connectors to make connecting this unit as easy and convenient as possible. These DuPont connectors are ideal for use within projects that are breadboard-based, as well as projects involving platforms like Arduino Boards, as you can simply plug this power pack directly in, and utilise the 6V DC supply of four Batteries, or buck or boost that voltage to cater to what3ever needs your project has.

If this battery holder unit sounds like an awesome addition that you want to integrate into your project, be sure to check out the rest of our Battery Holders too, as we also offer holders that have switches, covers and even DC connectors integrated into them – making your choice of power supply easier as you can simply get the one that suits you best.

Please Note: While these are typically regarded as simple Battery Holders for powering electronics, they can also be used alongside charging modules like the MP2636 Power Boost & Charger Module in order to create your own battery charger/supply unit.


Four Slot AA Battery Holder with Male DuPont Connectors  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Compatibility

Standard AA                                                

  • Battery Slots

– 4

  • Expected Output Voltage

– 6V DC

  • Connector Style

– Male DuPont Connectors

  • Wires

– 2 (Black + Red)

  • Battery Circuit Style

– Series


9BTH4AADP - Datasheet

9BTH4AADP - Battery Holders Datasheet

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AA Battery Holder with DuPont Connectors - Four Slot

AA Battery Holder with DuPont Connectors - Four Slot