18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Jack - Three Slot - Cover Expand

18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Jack - Three Slot

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Keep your Arduino Boards and other electronics powered the easy way with these handy three-slot 18650 Battery holders - with convenient DC5521 Jack.

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Although we would all love to build Electronics projects that just keep going without ever taking any kinds of breaks at all, the truth is that this is simply not possible… or at least it was never possible until Batteries were introduced to the scene! With batteries, you can give your project the freedom it needs to travel the world (or just your local city) so that you can keep your electronics operating wherever you go, operating just as you designed them without the need for a dedicated AC wall outlet to keep them powered. This is what makes Battery Holders like these Triple Slot 18650 Battery Holders so darn handy, as these are capable of holding three beefy Lithium Batteries for up to 12.6V DC output, with a super convenient DC2.1 Barrel Jack to sweeten the already-awesome offerings.

In the typical battery holder style, this unit is wired with a series orientation, meaning that with three 18650 batteries installed it will output a voltage between 9.9V and 12.6V depending on the charge of the batteries. This, when coupled with the 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID Barrel Jack, makes it a great companion for all kinds of electronics from Arduino Boards and other hobbyist modules through to consumer devices like modems and desktop dehumidifiers. Just be sure to keep in mind, however, that the output will depend on the charge of the batteries, so if you’re dealing with sensitive Electronics or those that don’t have built-in regulators, you may want to utilise a regulator or alternative safety mechanism between this holder and the electronics being powered so as to avoid potential undervoltage or overvoltage problems.

Please Note: Although this battery holder features slightly mixed labelling on the inside, it’s important that you connect batteries in series for it to operate properly and safely. As such, follow the orientation of the “Series” labelling (positive to Negative, Positive to Negative, etc) to ensure centre-positive barrel jack polarity, or reverse the orientations of the batteries if you want the barrel jack to offer centre-negative polarity.


Triple Slot 18650 Battery Holder with DC5521 Jack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Battery Compatibility

– 18650 Li-Ion

  • Battery Slots

– 3

  • Connector Type

– Male DC Jack: 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID

  • Wires

– 2 x Black Wires

  • Battery Circuit Style

– Series

  • Output Voltage (Nominal)

– 11.1V DC

  • Output Voltage Range

– 9.9V to 12.6V DC

  • Enclosure Material

– ABS | Black

  • Weight

– 30g

  • Dimensions

– 78.24 x 59.46 x 21.41mm


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18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Jack - Three Slot

18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Jack - Three Slot

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