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Round Borosilicate Glass Bed - 170mm



These 3mm thick, 170mm diameter Round Borosilicate Glass Beds offer a perfectly flat and thermally conductive print platform for 3D Printers.

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3D Printing is an exciting hobby that allows you to turn almost any idea into a reality like no other technology can, but unfortunately this emerging technology is not yet perfect, and even a slight problem like an uneven printing surface can lead to frustration and failed prints. However, with many years of experience in the field, we have made sure to stock up on great tools and accessories like these 170mm Round Borosilicate Glass Beds, to ensure that no matter what problem you’re experiencing with your printer, we have everything you need to get that perfect print quality you’ve been looking for.

These round panes of glass, although not originally designed for 3D Printing, are specially made to be as flat as possible, with good thermal conductivity and an impressive durability rating as well. This allows them to be used effectively as print platforms for Delta-style printers, and ensures that you never have to worry about the aluminium bed warping or bending over time.


170mm Round Borosilicate Glass Bed  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions

– Ø170mm        

  • Thickness

– 3mm

  • Glass Type

– Borosilicate


Typical Applications for 170mm Round Borosilicate Glass Beds:

Although we stock these round panes of glass to be used as build platforms for 3D Printers, we have also personally utilised these for many other applications too. Some of our favourite projects that have utilised these include building multi-layered potplant stands, creating rotating platforms for our favourite prints to stand on and slowly spin, as well as just to hold hot pots and plates when someone brings in a tasty hot lunch. So consider how you might use a super-flat round pane of glass, and consider taking a look at our whole range of different-sized panes too.


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