Aluminium Bed 214x214x3mm Expand

Aluminium Bed 214x214x3mm



This 214x214x3mm Aluminium Bed is a highly effective 3D printing build platform, offering full compatibility with inductive bed levelling sensors.

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These 214x214mm Aluminium Beds are simple but effective printing platforms for 3D Printers, that are typically used in conjunction with Kapton Pads and Silicone Heater Pads. They offer a flat and sturdy platform for printing, which can dramatically improve print quality compared to a bumpy or uneven surface.

What makes these printing platforms so great, especially when compared to PCB beds, is their high durability, as well as the natural compatibility with Inductive Sensor Probes. This ensures that, even when removing prints with near-excessive force, they will maintain their shape and flatness characteristics, while also making the bed levelling process much easier than ever before, with auto-levelling settings built in to most modern slicing software already.

Please Note: This is a raw aluminium plate that is not drilled, sanded or straightened. It does not include a heater, so be sure to purchase an adhesive Kapton heater pad if you want to print ABS and Exotic Filaments.


214x214mm Aluminium Bed  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Materials

– Aluminium                                            

  • Build Surface Size

– 214 x 214mm

  • Thickness

– 3mm

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– TEVO Tarantula / Anycubic i3


Typical Applications for the 214x214mm Aluminium Bed:

These 214x214mm aluminium heatbeds are designed to fit most 3D printers that are based off of the Prusa i3 design, which of course includes our the Wanhao i3, TEVO Tarantula. It can also be used in conjunction with many of our Heater Pads to create a heated build surface, which makes printing in ABS and various Exotic Filaments much easier due to the enhanced first layer adhesion and reduced warping from cooling off.

These features make this aluminium bed not only an effective upgrade for almost any printer without a heatbed, but also an inexpensive way to dramatically increase the quality and consistency of each of the prints you produce.


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Aluminium Bed 214x214x3mm

Aluminium Bed 214x214x3mm