Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlate 235x235mm - Cover Expand

Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlate 235x235mm

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The Creality Magnetic PEI FlexPlate offers the extreme capability of PEI with the convenience of the FlexPlate - for CR-20 & Ender Series 3D Printers.

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Although we have always been quite vocal about our love for BuildTak here at DIYElectronics, we also understand that BuildTak is not always the best, and it’s actually quite a good idea to get different build platform materials so that you explore a much wider range of different filament materials. However, the typical problem with having multiple print platforms is that they are not easy to simply swap out as you need to print different 3D Filaments, and this is the primary reason why we simply prefer to recommend BuildTak – since it offers the widest compatibility for filaments at one of the best prices possible.

This is the key reason why we’re so excited to introduce the awesome new 235x235mm Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlate, which is designed to the exact same standards as the Creality CMagnet BuildTak FlexPlate, but has been equipped with PEI instead of BuildTak, allowing you to swap out your BuildTak plate with the PEI plate at will by simply taking one off and magnetically sticking the other directly on top. This means that you don’t have to commit to a single bed style, but you can still enjoy the key benefits that make these FlexPlate beds so attractive. Additionally, you can now also utilise both the CMagnet and the PEI FlexPlate interchangeably, opening up even more possibilities for 3D Printing in various exciting and Exotic Filaments. So if you are a big fan of BuildTak, like we are, but have always been eager to try out a different print platform for different 3D Filaments and materials, these Flexible Magnetic PEI Sheets are the ideal solution that is both cost-effective as well as easy to use.

*Please Note: Because the CMagnet FlexPlate uses magnetism to keep the FlexPlate on the Base, it’s critical that you never exceed 80°C for your bed temperature, as this will demagnetise the composites. Additionally, try to remember the right orientations of these two parts when you receive them, as the magnetic polarisation will offer greater strength if the magnetism is aligned between the parts. If you are confused with this at all, put the FlexPlate on the Base and turn it 90° at a time to find the strongest magnetic attraction, and this will let you know that both parts are magnetically polarised in the right orientation.


235x235mm Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlate  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Creality 3D

  • Actual Size

– 235 x 235mm

  • Typical Build Volume

– 220 x 220mm

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

Creality Ender 3 / Creality Ender 3 Pro

Creality Ender 5 / Creality Ender 5 Pro

– Creality CR-20 / Creality CR-20 Pro

Creality Ender 3 Pro Silent / Ender 5 Silent  

  • List of Parts

– Magnetic Base Plate

– Flexible Plate with PEI Printing Surface

  • Material

– PEI (Polyetherimide)

– Flexible Steel

– Magnetic Ferrite Sheet

  • Max Temperature (Magnet)

– ≤80°C

  • Max Temperature (PEI)

– ≤200°C

  • Colour

– Beige / Dark Grey / Steel Silver

  • Adhesive Backing

– 3M 300LSE Adhesive Backing


Typical Applications for these Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlates:

Although some Makers would certainly like to see larger build volumes on many of Creality’s smaller models of 3D Printers, we love the fact that they all offer a very similar size, and this means that parts and accessories like these Creality PEI Magnetic FlexPlates are compatible with all of the models with 220x220mm build volumes. This also means that if you have multiple machines with the same build volume, and possibly have the CMagnet BuildTak FlexPlate bed installed on them, you can actually move your build platforms between different 3D Printers with absolute ease, even allowing you to swap out your BuildTak platform with the PEI platform (and vice versa) as the need arises by simply taking the one FlexPlate off and putting the other one directly on top.

The awesome features mentioned above, along with the ability to swap out build platform materials at will, make these PEI FlexPlates truly awesome upgrades for almost anyone. Additionally, because PEI offers a relatively diverse compatibility with various different 3D Filaments, it also opens up great opportunities for expanding your list of printable materials, but without cost an arm and a leg or requiring intense setups or installation either. So if all of these great benefits sound good to you, or if you simply love the idea of having a spare bed – with a different build plate material – to swap out as you see fit, these 235x235mm Creality PEI FlexPlates are an excellent Creality Original Upgrade to consider for your machines.


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Although Creality 3D have been working within the industry since 2014, their addition of the Creality CR-10 series is what really catapulted them to the front line of competition, as it offered substantially better quality compared to other 3D printers – while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexities of the machines.

The quality of Creality’s 3D Printers and accessories shows through in their market history, with the brand selling around 3000 printers in their first year on the market, followed by about 10,000 sales over the next year. Now, Creality easily sells around 30,000 or more 3D printers each year, with sales continuously rising as they bring out more models. These are impressive numbers when considering the fact that they entered the industry as unknown competitors, quickly rising through the ranks and now even competing with Wanhao and similar top brands.

If you are looking for excellent 3D Printers that offer affordability without compromising on quality, Creality 3D is certainly a brand that you should take note of. From the basic Creality Ender 2 all the way up to the large build volume Creality CR-10 S5, there are few other brands who are capable of offering such a refined package while still maintaining some of the most enticing prices in the industry.