GT2 Timing Belt 10mm - 3m Lengths Expand

GT2 Timing Belt 10mm - Priced Per Meter



This 10mm GT2 Timing Belt is designed to convert rotational power from various motors such as stepper motors and servo motors into linear motion.

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Timing belts are designed to convert rotational motion from Stepper Motors and Servo Motors into linear motion (along a rail) and these continuous GT2 timing belts are perfect for this task. They have a special profile with rounded teeth which reduces backlash and makes this a popular choice for high precision 3D Printers and CNC machines.

If you need to utilize the power or torque of a servo or stepper motor but need the motor to be hidden away from sight or extreme temperatures, a GT2 timing belt is the ideal solution. Designed to transfer power at a 1 to 1 ratio, this GT2 continuous length belt offers a 10mm width with a tooth pitch of 2 mm. These specifications make it a perfect fit for our 3D Printers.

Please Note: These belts are priced per meter, but have been pre-cut and stocked in 3-meter lengths, so as to reduce processing costs and offer you the best possible bang for your buck.


3m Lengths of 10mm GT2 Timing Belt  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Length                           

– 3m

  • Width

– 10mm

  • Tooth Pitch

– 2mm

  • Material

Nylon Cover / Fibreglass Reinforced / Neoprene


General Uses and Applications: 

Our GT2 Timing Belts are a perfect design for use with 3D printers and are primarily utilized to transfer torque for linear motion. It allows the servomotor to stay in one safe place while the belt connects to a pulley and transfers the power into the extruder movement mechanism. This not only allows the extruder to be less limited in its motion, but also ensures that the parts that move weigh as little as possible.


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GT2 Timing Belt 10mm - Priced Per Meter

GT2 Timing Belt 10mm - Priced Per Meter