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Bluno Link - USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle



This awesome Bluno Link BLE Dongle offers reliable Bluetooth communications, with the CC2540 Chip that also allows for wireless Arduino programming.

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In the world of Making, Wireless Communications are awesome, and allow us Makers to control our favourite projects without any wires running between different components or parts of a system. This is particularly beneficial for the final phases of designs, such as controlling the robots that you’ve built, or transmitting data between nodes and sensors in a network, although some Bluetooth Modules, such as this awesome little Bluno Link, can also offer some unexpected benefits for developers too.

The Bluno Link USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle is a fantastic dongle that offers the same kinds of benefits of other dongles, but also features Master-Slave Switch Support, which offers the extra benefit of wireless Arduino programming due to the CC2540 SoC that has been integrated into it. This allows Makers to do more than just control robots and other projects, but actually upload and update code on-the-fly from the comfort of their computer or laptop.

While some users may consider the wireless programming capabilities of this dongle to be just a minor bonus that avoids messy wired connections, we find it particularly useful for projects in which the Arduino Boards or Bluetooth modules being used for the project are within an enclosure, or otherwise difficult to get to. With this module, instead of having to deconstruct an already-built project just to test out slightly different code, you can simply connect up to the Bluetooth Module you are using for your project (typically an HC-05 Module) and make the necessary code-changes without even having to lay a finger on any of the project’s hardware.

Please Note: Utilising this dongle for wireless programming is not necessarily easy, so make sure to check through the link provided at the bottom of this description before diving in headfirst, so you can gauge the difficulty and process of over-the-air programming before purchasing.


Bluno Link - USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Integrated Bluetooth Chip  

– Texas Instruments CC2540

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V DC

  • Operating Current

– 10.6mA

  • Frequency

– 2.4GHz

  • Transfer Rates

– ≤1Mbps

  • Transmission Range

– ±15m Indoors | ±30m Open Space

  • Modes of Operation

– Master / Slave | Definable During Runtime

  • Modulation

– GFSK | Bluetooth Low Power | BLE V4.0

  • Sensitivity

– -93dBm

  • Weight

– 10g

  • Dimensions

– 32 x 16mm


Typical Applications for Bluno Link USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle:

This fantastic little Bluno Link USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle has been a great addition to our toolbox here at DIYElectronics, and has not only provided a reliable, high quality Bluetooth interfacing tool for us to utilise, but has also become a tool of sheer convenience that very often saves us all a lot of time during Prototyping phases.

However, just because this module offers more functionality than a typical dongle, it certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for standard Bluetooth Communications applications, and you as Maker can utilise this dongle to have the best of both worlds, using it as a standard dongle for most of the time, and then taking advantage of the CC2540 chip when necessary to code via the airwaves and reduce wasted time with temporary USB Cable connections while you’re building your next exciting, whacky or wonderful project.

Of course, as a final note, this Bluetooth dongle is primarily stocked by DFrobot in order to accommodate Bluno Beetle and Romeo BLE Board users, which both have Bluetooth built into the boards, making it ultra-easy to utilise alongside this handy dongle.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the official DFRobot Bluno Link Wiki Page, detailing some of the great features of the Bluno Link dongle and offering some great resources for firmware and BLE At Commands.
  • This is the Texas Instruments CC2540 SoC Page, offering awesome insights into how the chip operates, as well as some details of the intricacies that make it so damn cool.
  • Finally, this is a handy guide detailing the process of Wireless Bluetooth Arduino Programming, so you can build you own programming shield, or integrate this type of wireless connection into your projects.


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Bluno Link - USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle

Bluno Link - USB Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dongle