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LilyPad Conductive Thread – 1m



1 metre of Conductive Stainless Steel thread for use with intelligent wearables commonly associated with Arduino LilyPad projects.

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A Maker’s wildest imagination often comes to life in Wearable Technology, and conductive wire is, quite literally, the threads that hold these spectacular projects together. LilyPad Arduino is a series of Arduino components made for creating DIY wearable tech weaved into your cosplay suit or everyday clothing. With the various programmable boards, LEDs and more, you can create smart clothing that flashes with your dance moves, gloves that change colour with gestures, and more! But in order for all this incredible technology to speak to each other, you will need LilyPad Conductive Thread, which weaves seamlessly into fabric.

In the emerging world of wearable technology, conductive thread plays an important role in the LilyPad Arduino UNO product range.  This enables one to stitch this thread into clothing, hats, backpacks or even pet-clothing during Halloween, to power or communicate with auxiliary sensors, LED's and much more. The thread is made from extremely thin stainless-steel fibres woven together, which gives it major advantages over other nylon core conductive thread alternatives. This is due to the fact that it can withstand much higher temperatures, with high corrosion resistance and impressive durability.

Some of the modules that are designed to be used with the LilyPad and conductive thread includes the LilyPad Button Module, as well as the LilyPad Tri-Colour Module and the LilyPad Accelerometer Module, so be sure to check these out if creating your own LED suits for festivals and working with these kinds of e-Textile modules get you excited.

Please Note: This LilyPad Conductive Thread is supplied in 1-metre lengths. Please take this measurement into account when determining how much thread you will need for your fantastic project.

LilyPad Conductive Thread  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Thread Material

– Stainless Steel Fibres

  • Length

– Priced Per Meter

  • Resistance

– 16.5 Ohms/meter (Tolerance: ±5 Ohm)          


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LilyPad Conductive Thread – 1m

LilyPad Conductive Thread – 1m