Arduino Pro Mini V2 5V/16MHz 328P Expand

Arduino Pro Mini V2 5V/16MHz 328P

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The Arduino Pro Mini V2 offers more features than the previous version with a minimalist approach – Compact, powerful and even better than before.

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The Arduino Pro Mini V2 is the next revision of the Arduino Pro Mini, and offers an even simpler design and even smaller components than before, with a secondary 16MHz crystal to boost the power as well. Similarly to the original Pro Mini, this board utilizes an Atmel ATMega328P microcontroller – albeit half the size of the older version – running at 16MHz alongside the crystal at 5V.

While this board is not recommended for beginners, veterans will certainly enjoy the minimalist approach for compact projects with space or budget limitations. In fact, this board offers many of the features that more expensive boards do, but you have to know how to manually activate some of them – while others are only attainable through extra expansions like an FTDI Basic Breakout Board.

The other features on this board are also very similar to the previous version, with auto-reset support, on-board power and status LEDs and an improved voltage regulator via the RAW pin. Just remember when running via the RAW pin that the voltage regulator itself will draw about 1.7V, so the minimum recommended supply would instead be 6.7V DC, rather than 5V DC.


Arduino Pro Mini V2 5V/16MHz 328P  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller


  • Circuit Operating Voltage


  • Board Power Supply (VCC)           

– 5V Regulated Supply

  • Board Power Supply (RAW)

– 6.7 to 12V Unregulated Supply

  • Digital I/O Pins


  • PWM Channels

6 (Pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11)

  • UART


  • SPI

– 1

  • I2C

– 1

  • Analog Input Pins

– 6

  • External Interrupts

– 2

  • DC Current per I/O Pin


  • Flash Memory

32KB of which 2KB is reserved by bootloader

  • SRAM




  • Clock Speed

16 MHz with External Resonator (0.5% Tolerance)

  • Dimensions

18 x 33mm

  • Weight

Less than 2 grams


Typical Applications for the Arduino Pro Mini V2:

The Arduino Pro Mini V2 5V/16MHz 328P is a specialized board designed for projects with extreme space and power limitations, and as such is most commonly utilized by highly experienced Makers. It offers just enough functionality and power to handle most small tasks within miniature DIY Robots or basic to semi-complex projects. In such compact projects, a full-sized Arduino Leonardo would certainly not fit, but smaller boards would typically not have sufficient processing power. This is the true value of the Arduino Pro Mini V2, and is why it’s often utilized within projects such as:

  • Designing smart accessories that students, sportsmen or socialites could utilize to interact with or understand the world around them in new ways.
  • Building basic robots and robotic limbs that can be controlled manually or set to automatically complete a task when certain requirements are met – like, for example, a crane that receives, scans and then files documents according to the contents of each page.
  • Self-guiding robots that explore and track their surroundings, mapping the terrain and reporting their findings back to your “HQ” computer.

All of these projects mentioned here would require relatively intensive processing power, but would also be very limited in terms of space and weight. With the Arduino Pro Mini V2, these types of projects are possible for the average Maker, so get your hands on one now at an even lower price than what other Arduino Boards would cost, and start experimenting with all of the fun possibilities today.


*Note: This is not supplied by Arduino, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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