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The Arduino Leonardo is an ATmega32U4-based board with native USB integration – allowing users to develop brand new ways of interacting with systems.

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The Arduino Leonardo is the first board in the Arduino range designed to utilize a single microcontroller with built-in USB. By only utilizing the single ATmega32U4 Chip, this board has been designed with fewer parts, making it a more affordable and accessible product. Additionally, the USB is natively handled by the ATmega32U4 chip directly, which allows users to emulate plug-n-play devices like keyboards or mice through the USB-HID protocol. This is one of the key differences of the Leonardo compared to other Arduino Boards, and provides users with a whole new level of functionality.

The native USB integration opens up many opportunities for hobbyists and professionals alike, as many fantastic resources are already available for free download, including the IDE software, as well as various code libraries. These resources allow users to develop standalone interactive objects and devices, or to connect the boards up to computer software like Flash or MaxMSP.

The Arduino Leonardo board features a 16MHz Crystal Oscillator, a micro USB connector, an ISCP header, a power jack and a manual reset button – everything it needs to support the microcontroller. All you have to do is connect it to a power source and your computer’s USB drive, and you will be ready to get started on a new and exciting project.


Arduino Leonardo Board  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller

– ATmega32U4                                                         

  • Operating Voltage (Logic Level)

– 5V

  • Input Voltage (Recommended)

– 7 to 12V

  • Input Voltage (Limits)

– 6 to 20V

  • Digital I/O Pins

– 20

  • PWM Channels

– 7

  • Analog Input Channels

– 12

  • DC Current per I/O Pin

– 40mA

  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin

– 50mA

  • Flash Memory

– 32KB (4KB Reserved by Bootloader)

  • SRAM

– 2.5KB


– 1KB

  • Clock Speed

– 16MHz

  • Dimensions

– 68.6 x 53.3mm

  • Weight

– 20g


Typical Applications for the Arduino Leonardo:

The core focus of the Leonardo model is based on the integrated native USB management, which allows it to operate like a keyboard, mouse or other peripheral. It utilizes a simple plug-n-play style connection via mini USB to open up more opportunities for interacting with systems in unique ways.

Some of the most common ways in which this has been done include:

  • Turning objects like pencils, pieces of wood or even bananas into “buttons” with distinguishable inputs
  • Converting gyroscopic motion or movement into usable inputs for games or application controls
  • Developing Gesture-based games or applications that rely on physical movement
  • Robots that keep themselves balanced upright

Some hobbyists and professionals have also taken the unique functionality of these boards to a whole new level, and have produced amazing projects like:

  • Robots that can follow lights, paint pictures or even clean an owner’s room while they’re out
  • Complete “Tap Me” clothing kits to turn users into walking musical instruments – producing unique sounds when tapped on various body parts, or even simply while users walk
  • Tables with touch-sensitive covers that allow visitors to play Tetris, Snake or musical instruments by touch while enjoying lunch
  • A virtual reality skateboard game that monitors the angle and movement of a skateboard, then emulates those movements  in an Android VR game

Despite the magnitude of projects that people are working on, however, there are still even more possibilities available when utilizing an Arduino Leonardo board. So, whether you are a beginner tinkerer or veteran inventor, consider how you could use the Leonardo to create something new, something that you’ve always needed, or just something you’ve always kind of wanted to have.


*Note: This is not supplied by Arduino, although it is manufactured to the same specifications and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo

When it comes to building unique electronics projects, there are few better ways to do it than with Arduino. Founded with the intent to make electronics prototyping accessible to all, regardless of age, culture, sex or any other factors, Arduino is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of open-source hardware and software.

Some of the leading microcontroller boards that Arduino has produced include the classic Arduino UNO, as well as many variations with different specialisations and specifications. Some of the most popular Arduino boards – which we stock of course – are the Arduino Mega, Leonardo, Due, Micro, Nano, Mini, as well as the unique Arduino LilyPad. And with these boards at hand, as well as a Shield or two, you can craft thousands of different projects, with each one being tailored to your specific needs, wants and personal tastes.