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This Arduino Nano is like no model before, featuring an nRF52840 MCU, built-in Bluetooth V5, and 4x Faster Clock Speeds than the original Arduino UNO.

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As many of us have watched the evolution of Arduino and the amazing leaps in progress they have made over the years, we must admit that Arduino has never really been built for high-intensity performance, although that’s about to change with the fresh new Arduino Nano Range, which each include a unique CPU and are built for modern Makers who love Arduino. These Arduino Nano 33 BLE Boards are part of the new Arduino Nano Range, and are equipped with powerful ARM Cortex-M4 nRF52840 processors, offering not only a beefy level of power, but also built-in Bluetooth V5 communications.

Sporting an impressive 32bit 64MHz CPU, the Arduino Nano 33 BLE is designed to accommodate modern wireless needs, while still maintaining the Arduino ethos of low cost and high functionality. It is based on the Classic Arduino Nano design, focusing heavily on form factor, but also has castellated pads and components only on the A-Side of the board, which even allows this MCU to be embedded directly into a circuit as an SMT module. This form factor, coupled with the powerful CPU, wireless capabilities, and the extra feature of Hardware USB support, make it one of the best boards we’ve stocked for discrete, modern projects such as Wearable Tech’ or custom interfacing devices.

In terms of wireless capabilities, this board supports Bluetooth V5, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 and ANT protocols, and when coupled with a 1MB Flash and 256kB SRAM makes this board a very powerful choice, which of course means that it may not always be the best choice for basic projects. However, for Makers who really want to step up their Arduino game, or simply want to explore some awesome new features that more modern boards can offer, the Arduino Nano 33 BLE is an MCU that won’t disappoint.

Please Note: Although this board does include an integrated regulator onboard to step down incoming voltage through VIN, it’s important to realise that the I/O pins are not 5V tolerable, and support a maximum of 3.3V DC. However, it does require that you short the VBUS jumper on the back of the board, so we recommend this only for advanced Makers who know what they’re doing.


Arduino Nano 33 BLE  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller (MCU)

– 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4+ nRF52840               

  • Input Voltage (VIN)

– 3.3V to 21V DC

  • Input Voltage (USB)

– 5V DC

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V DC (Max for I/O Pins)

  • Operating Frequency

– 64MHz

  • SRAM

– 256kB

  • Flash

– 1MB

  • Digital I/O Pins

– 14 Total | D0 to D13

  • Analog I/O Pins

– 8 Total | A0 to A7

  • PWM Pins

– All Digital Pins are PWM Capable

  • I2C

– 1

  • I2S

– 1

  • UART Serial

– USB + 1

  • WiFi Protocol

– N/A

  • Wireless Protocols

– Bluetooth V5

– Bluetooth Mesh

– Thread

– ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4


  • Frequency Range

– 2.4GHz

  • Weight (with Headers)

– 5g

  • Dimensions (w/o Headers) 

– 45 x 18mm


Typical Applications for the Arduino Nano 33 BLE:

In a similar fashion to the classic Arduino Nano, only with far more functionality and capabilities, the Arduino Nano 33 BLE is an excellent choice for discrete projects, as the tiny size allows it to not only be installed in extremely small spaces, but even integrated flush onto other boards as SMT modules. And of course, with such a form factor, coupled with the features it offers, there are few Arduino Projects that this beast of a board couldn’t handle. However, projects that we think this board could really excel for include:

  • Building wireless peripherals like a DIY Macro Keyboard, which could even charge wirelessly with the right extras when you leave it on your coffee table.

  • Integrating this with a TFT Clock Face Display to create a custom Bluetooth Wearable, with an SD card to play music on nearby Bluetooth speakers or log health data as you work out.

  • Making your favourite old Arduino projects wireless and more capable, ready to take on the Modern Demands of the Modern Maker, as well as what may be coming in the future.

Now, we’re quite certain that you’ve got much better ideas than these simple (but cool!) ideas listed here. So go on! Get out there and start Making, as the Arduino Nano 33 BLE brings a whole new world of project possibilities, while keeping that classic Arduino style that so many of us have grown up with and grown to love over the years.


Additional Resources:


Finally, if you enjoy a visual approach and the opinions of other Makers, the following video by Andreas Spiess goes into great detail on the new Arduino Nano Range, as well as how they differ from each other and previous Arduino models. If you want to skip past the introduction and basics, and jump straight to the juicy bits, skip forward to 4:58 in the Video, where he starts discussing specifics:


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Arduino Nano 33 BLE

Arduino Nano 33 BLE

When it comes to building unique electronics projects, there are few better ways to do it than with Arduino. Founded with the intent to make electronics prototyping accessible to all, regardless of age, culture, sex or any other factors, Arduino is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of open-source hardware and software.

Some of the leading microcontroller boards that Arduino has produced include the classic Arduino UNO, as well as many variations with different specialisations and specifications. Some of the most popular Arduino boards – which we stock of course – are the Arduino Mega, Leonardo, Due, Micro, Nano, Mini, as well as the unique Arduino LilyPad. And with these boards at hand, as well as a Shield or two, you can craft thousands of different projects, with each one being tailored to your specific needs, wants and personal tastes.