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TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly



The TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly is TEVO’s version of the lightweight, reliable extruder – Universally fits Bowdens and Direct Drives at 1.75mm and 3mm.

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Many of our customers agree with us when we say that one of the best aspects of 3D Printing is the rate at which advancements are made in the industry. Even when we think that 3D Printers like the Creality CR-10 are the cream of the crop, we are often pleasantly surprised by even better machines only weeks later. The TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly is one such example of these advancements, and greatly improves upon almost every aspect of previous Extruder Assemblies.

This assembly is designed to universally fit both Bowden style and direct drive feeds, as well as 1.75mm and 3mm filament. This is thanks to the open design, allowing you to make a wide range of adjustments with a single Allen key – and within seconds. This means you can alternate between different sized filaments, clean and maintain the assembly, as well as extrude, purge, load or unload filaments without even having to take the assembly apart.

This assembly is also designed to be lightweight and compact, with specially moulded engineered plastics providing one of the most exceptional power-to-weight performances on the market. This means you can use lighter motors to run the printer, while enjoying more precision control over the extruder at high speeds. These features translate to better print quality through faster speeds, greater precision and overall better performance compared to almost any other extruder available.


The Benefits of the TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly:

TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly is truly a step up from the older types of extruder assemblies, and is not only more efficient than predecessors, but also more lightweight and compact as well. These slight modifications to past designs offers a wide range of unique benefits that many people wouldn’t expect, which we expect will soon become the typical standard for all extruder assemblies.

  • Lightweight and Compact – Unlike many of the other extruder assemblies on the market, the TEVO Titan is built to be as small and light as possible. This offers fantastic benefits, and allows for faster printing, firmer control over the extruder while it’s moving, as well as lower power motors to move the carriage along the x and y axes.
  • High Printing Speeds – One of the most common problems with typical extruder assemblies is that many of them tend to lose grip and slip during extrusion or retraction at high speeds. The TEVO Titan, however, is designed with strong torque through gear reduction, and thus always grips the filament firmly, resulting in precision control over the filament feeding.
  • Universal Design – One of the greatest advantages of the TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly is that it is made to fit a wide range of filaments and extruder styles. Whether you are using a Bowden or direct drive extruder, with 1.75mm or 3mm filament, the TEVO Titan is always a good choice.

With a lightweight and compact design, strong and speedy operations, and a universal design to cater to a wide range of extruder and filament types, the TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly is an excellent upgrade for anyone eager to get more value from their 3D Printer machines.

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TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly

TEVO Titan Extruder Assembly