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38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module



The 38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module is surprisingly complex for its size, with 38KHz modulation, advanced filtering and versatile binary output signals.

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The 38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module is a Breakout Board that has been designed to make IR communication integration as easy as possible. Made for a wide range of different applications, this module is surprisingly more advanced than you may think, capable of receiving IR signals at a reasonably long distance while filtering out ambient and flickering lights, and can even filter out infrared light that is has not been encoded to the 38KHz modulation.

Another great benefit that many Makers will be able to appreciate is that this module is designed to be Arduino compatible, which means that it can easily be integrated into almost any Arduino project - as well as Development Boards like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and more.


Technical Specifications:

  • IR Sensor

– TSOP38438

  • Modulation Frequency

– 38KHz

  • Cycles Per Burst

– Minimum 10

  • Tested IR-Code Compatibility

– NEC / Sharp / R-Step

  • Signal Gain

– Onboard: Automatic & Non-Adjustable

  • Output Signal Type

– Binary (Data)

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5.5V DC (Optional)

  • Mounting Hole Size

– M2


Typical Applications for the 38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module:

These 38KHz IR Digital Receiver Modules are a fantastic choice for almost any project in which you want to integrate IR Communications, as they are natively compatible with Arduino Boards as well as many other types of development platforms. It includes everything you need aside from the controller board and the transmitter or remote control, and simply requires the three pins - DAT, VCC and GND - to be connected to the right ports.

It is capable of receiving signals from almost any IR remote or transmitter that uses NED, Sharp or R-Step encoding, and utilises a carrier signal of 38KHz with a minimum of 10 cycles per burst. And just to make your job as a Maker even easier, this module outputs binary data signals. This means it is not only easy to communicate with, but also capable of working with almost any binary signal-based Electronics Modules and components without any extra coding - making it one of the simplest yet most versatile IR receivers on the market.

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38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module

38KHz IR Digital Receiver Module