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Micro USB Power Switch Breakout Module



This convenient Micro USB Power Switch Module breaks out the five pins on Micro USB, to enable power and signal delivery for Prototyping.

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Creating your own Electronics from components and Modules can be great fun, and almost always offers something new to learn and experiment with. This is why we feel the Micro USB Power Switch Breakout Module is a great addition to our Breakout Boards and prototyping categories, as it lets you utilise Micro USB as a power input for ultimate convenience – with the option for sending and receiving data signals as well.

In addition to the standard VCC, GNC, D+ and D- pins, this breakout board also features the On-The-Go exclusive DI pin, for users who want to use On-The-Go master/slave switching capabilities, although this can also be left floating if users don’t want to use it. On additional benefit of the DI pin, however, is that it enables you to possibly integrate keyboards and other interface peripherals into your project. And because this module is relatively simple in design, it can easily be used with Arduino, as well as Raspberry Pi or any other devices that can operate on the standard 5V DC supply of Micro USB.

The board is tiny in size, lending itself well to Prototyping with tight space tolerances, and includes a 5-pin header so it can be integrated directly into a breadboard design with ease. This ensures that you can test out your circuit design with Micro USB before committing to a final design, which is invaluable if you are eager to explore the possibilities of a design, while still leaving space for iterations and optimisations once the design is getting close to complete.


Micro USB Power Switch Breakout Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • USB Port

– Micro USB (Micro-B)

  • Power Pins


  • Data/Signal Pins

– D+ | D-

  • Additional OTG Port

– DI

  • Voltage Delivery

– 5V DC

  • Weight

– ±8g

  • Dimensions

– 15 x 12.7mm (Including USB Port)   


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