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L293 Motor Driver Module



The L293 Motor Driver Module is an effective but inexpensive driver module that is capable of driving 2 stepper, 2 servo or 4 brushed motors with Arduino.

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The L293 Motor Driver Module is a cost-efficient Arduino Shield that utilises a 74HC595 shift register with dual L293 chips to drive multiple motor simultaneously via 8 half-bridge outputs or 4 full-bridge motor outputs. It is capable of driving two Servo Motors, two stepper motors or four Brushed Motors, as well as a combination of each according to the half-bridge and full-bridge outputs.

The L293 chips can also use the classic “piggyback” technique, allowing you to install two more extra chips above each L293, allowing for control over a total of 12 servo motors, 12 Stepper motors, or 48 brushed motors. However, if you do employ this technique, make sure to add extra cooling to the system, since six L293 chips stacked together can cause some serious heat.

The L293 Motor Driver Module is able to drive motors between 4.5V to 25V DC at about 600mA per channel, and features thermal protection as well a internal kickback protection diodes. It can accept both standard DTL or TTL logic levels, and can also drive inductive loads like relays, solenoids and various types of motors.

All of these features make these Arduino Shields fantastic investments, especially at their low price. Not only do offer amazing functionality, but it is also easy to use via simple Arduino code.

Resources: https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/AdafruitMotorShield

Technical Specifications:

  • Central Shift Register

– 74HC595

  • Motor Drivers (x2)

– L293 IC

  • Simultaneous Servo Control

– 2

  • Simultaneous Stepper Control

– 2

  • Simultaneous Brushed Motor Control

– 4


Typical Applications for the L293 Motor Driver Module:

Thanks to the advanced functionality of the L293 Motor Driver Module, it can be used for a wide range of different applications requiring motor drive and control. And while they are typically used in conjunction with Arduino Boards, it can also be controlled with various Development Boards or even by simple TTL logic for advanced Makers. And with the ability to “Piggyback” the L293 chips, these modules can be improved upon even further if you need more driver or control capabilities.

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L293 Motor Driver Module

L293 Motor Driver Module