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Knob for Encoder / Potentiometer



Add a spin to your next project with this simple Knob for fitting over potentiometers and similar turning controls, offering the classic look with an embossed line and coloured top.

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Tactile buttons and spinning knobs are so satisfying to integrate into Maker projects. Touchscreens may be cool, but they'll never kill retro. This Knob for encoders or potentiometers is a simple, black knob with a coloured top, designed to fit potentiometers like those found on our 3D Printer Enclosures. It is a simple component made with functionality and affordability in mind, meaning that despite not having many unique features, it is inexpensive and somewhat universally compatible.

The knob’s few unique features include an embossed line travelling from its coloured top along its side. This makes it easy to notice at a glance and allows for quick identification of the volume or level at which your project is set. You can easily make fine adjustments with a gentle twist.

Please Note: These Knobs are supplied in various colours. The colours you receive in your order may vary.

Knob for Encoder / Potentiometer - Technical Specifications:

  • Type                                      
– Turn Knob
  • Base Diameter
– 16mm  
  • Height
– 18mm  
  • Top Diameter
– 10mm 
  • Colour
– Black with Coloured Top (colours vary)

Typical Applications for These Potentiometer Knobs:

Thanks to the simple nature of the Knob for encoders or potentiometers, it is capable of fitting a wide range of different applications within electronics projects. It is typically used to adjust the volume or levels on electronics devices with potentiometers or similar turning controls, and offers an easy grip and a touch of colour to ensure it’s both noticeable and easy to use.

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Knob for Encoder / Potentiometer

Knob for Encoder / Potentiometer