IEC Mains Inlet Socket - Wired and Fused Expand

IEC Mains Inlet Socket - Wired and Fused



This IEC Mains Inlet Socket is Wired and Fused to offer a convenient and affordable way to protect electronics devices and machinery from power surges.

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Our IEC Mains Inlet Socket with Fuse and Switch is a simple yet effective tool for machines and devices requiring fused and switched power sources, capable of connecting directly a main power source of 250V AC. This socket includes a space to fit a fuse of your desired tolerance, to protect your machine or device from surges, with an onboard switch to easily enable or disable the flow of electricity.

The plug is compatible with the standard IEC or computer/kettle plug, and can be mounted into a wall or table with mounting points on either side of the fuse area. The fuse area can be conveniently removed by leveraging it with a screwdriver, and fits snugly between the switch and socket so it can’t be moved while anything is plugged in. The socket has a rated capacity of 10A at 250V AC, while the switch is rated at 6A at 250V AC.

This unit also comes pre-wired for user convenience, and includes a 2.5A 250V fuse to accommodate lower-power projects that may become damaged if simply relying on the 6A rating of the switch or 10A rating of the socket.


IEC Mains Inlet Socket: Wired and Fused  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Socket Rated Capacity

– 10A  (250V AC)

  • Switch Rated Capacity

– 6A  (250V AC)

  • Fuse Included

– T2.5AL250V  |  2.5A 250V Fuse

  • Plug Compatibility

– IEC  (Kettle Plug)

  • PreWired

– Yes


Typical Applications for IEC Mains Inlet Socket - Wired and Fused:

Although the switch is rated at only 6A capacity, this IEC Mains Inlet Socket is capable of a capacity of up to 10A at 250V AC if the switch is simply bypassed. This allows you to put in a fuse of similar capacity if necessary, to power and protect machines or devices requiring up to 10A at 250V AC – which is typically more than enough for standard Electronics applications.

As a final note, if you are looking for a basic mains inlet socket that doesn’t come wired or include a fuse so that you can wire and fuse it for your specific applications, be sure to take a look at our Unwired IEC Mains Inlet Socket.


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IEC Mains Inlet Socket - Wired and Fused

IEC Mains Inlet Socket - Wired and Fused