Rotary Encoder with Push Button - Continuous Rotation Expand

Rotary Encoder with Push Button - Continuous Rotation



This Rotary Encoder component features a Push Button & 20 pulse Continuous Rotation – An elegant solution to controlling LCD's and basic systems.

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Within Electronics, one of our favourite aspects is how many different options are available for all kinds of functions and applications, with a multitude of components with completely different designs capable of performing the same or similar tasks within a system or project. This is great, because it lets you choose and customise each project to meet certain thematic styles or offer specific control methods, with the more modern types of Touchless Sensors and control mechanisms even catering to people with disabilities like blindness, deafness or loss of limbs.

With that in mind, this Rotary Encoder with Push Button is one of many different Input Control Mechanisms available to hobbyists, but has been designed with full continuous rotation and a middle push button to offer almost everything you could need to control a basic user interface like LCD displays on 3D Printers. By twisting the knob left and right, you can travel up and down or left and right through the selections on systems, with the middle button allowing for the selection of whichever options you want.

This rotary encoder is an incredibly elegant solution to controlling Display Units and other basic user interfaces, as it has good functionality but is less than half the physical size of a standard USB drive. This enables you to install it discretely in almost any location in or on your project, while also offering a good tactile feel with the option for Makers to even print their own caps to fit the shaft for a more personalised feel too.


Rotary Encoder with Push Button  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Encoder Style

– Photoelectric

  • Rotation Limitations

– Full Continuous 360° / Unlimited Rotation

  • Pulses Per Revolution

– 20

  • Functionality

– Bidirectional Rotation & Centre Push Button

  • Dimensions

– 16 x 30mm (Including Pins)


Typical Applications for the Rotary Encoder with Push Button:

While these rotary encoders can be used for almost any control application, and is both easy to use and elegant in its design, we primarily stock these for customers who need to replace a possibly faulty rotary encoder on their 3D Printers or display interfaces. However, if you are looking for a rotary encoder for a project, you may certainly be interested in our Rotary Encoder Modules, which are rotary encoders that have been installed directly onto breakout boards.


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Rotary Encoder with Push Button - Continuous Rotation

Rotary Encoder with Push Button - Continuous Rotation