Toggle Switch - DPDT, On-On, 12V, 50mA - SMD - Cover Expand

Toggle Switch - DPDT, On-On, 12V, 50mA - SMD



If you need a simple Toggle Switch for electronics, this handy Double-Pole Double-Throw switch offers On-On functionality with 50mA @ 12V rating.

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Although we, as humans, often like to take breaks when we’re getting tired, so as to recover from any strains or simply to rest from a monotonous task, Electronics are wonderful in the way that they are perfectly fine with just continuously operating, and very seldom need to take a break or rest from repetitious tasks. However, despite their eagerness to just keep going, as operators, we sometimes want to turn our electronics projects off, and in such times it’s really handy to have a simple on/off switch, so that we don’t have to unplug our electronics or disconnect batteries when we want to put projects to rest.

This is why we simply love little Buttons & Switches like these DPDT SMD Mount Toggle Switches, which offer On-On functionality for up to two circuits at up to 50mA @ 12V DC, making them perfect for turning projects on and off in conjunction with Transistors or MOSFETs. Despite the low current capabilities of these Toggle Switches, they are primarily meant to activate or deactivate Components like transistors and MOSFETs, which use a small current or voltage allow or prevent current from passing through them. This way, you can also basically isolate yourself from high power circuits, while still enjoying one of the easiest and simplest ways to turn the entire system on and off at will.

In addition to simply offering on-off functionality, these Toggle Switches are actually designed to offer On-On functionality, and instead of on/off switches, they can also be used to switch between two different circuits or loads – with the double-pole feature allowing you to do this with two separate circuits. A great example of this On-On functionality is a lamp that turns on when the switch is pushed to one side, and then turns off while simultaneously turning on an LED when the switch is pushed to the other side so as to indicate that the primary light is off. This way, you can tell precisely when power is available without having to turn on the light, while the LED uses minimal current to act as the “off” indicator.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but sold in minimum order quantities of two (2), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


DPDT SMD Toggle Switch  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Switch Type

– Toggle / Slide

  • Voltage Rating

– 12V DC

  • Current Rating

– 50mA

  • Internal Circuit

– DPDT | Double-Pole Double-Throw

  • Switch Function

– On-On

  • Termination Style

– SMD | Surface Mount

  • Number of Contacts   

– 6

  • Mounting Angle

– Vertical | Straight

  • Dimensions

– 9.1 x 3.65 x 3.55mm


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Toggle Switch - DPDT, On-On, 12V, 50mA - SMD

Toggle Switch - DPDT, On-On, 12V, 50mA - SMD