Cable Drag Chain 19x6mm - 1m Length - Cover Expand

Cable Drag Chain 19x6mm - 1m Length



Keep cables safe & out of the way with this handy 19x6mm Cable Drag Chain, featuring a simple design that can be extended or shortened as necessary.

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Working with Electronics and connecting various modules, components or entire assemblies in machinery can get complicated, with wiring and cables running all over the show. And while this is fine during the Prototyping stage or if you still plan on modifying or reiterating on the design, for a final product or solution, being able to hide all of the cabling and inner workings truly adds a nice finishing touch.

This is why we love handy tools like this 19x6mm Cable Drag Chain, which is stocked in 1m lengths and offers 19x6mm internal dimensions, capable of neatly tucking away an array of cables while still bending around corners and maintaining a high resistance to external forces. This is not only an awesome way to reduce the negative aesthetic effects that cables have for elegant solutions, but also helps to boost the safety factor, as users won’t end up tripping over near-camouflaged cables, or pulling Connectors & Wiring out of their receptacles or ports as they walk past. Additionally, compared to typical cable trunking, these drag chains also feature a relatively simple chain link design, allowing users to extend, shorten or even split these cable protectors as necessary, in order to accommodate whatever applications they are needed for.

Finally, in addition to offering excellent protection, great functionality, as well as neat and tidy aesthetics, these drag chains also feature a very useful mounting point on each end. This means that you can mount the one side of the drag chain to a wall, a workbench, an office desk or even the machine that you’re using it for, adding a reliable anchor point to keep cables safe and perfectly positioned where they need to be.


19x6mm Cable Drag Chain  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Total Length

– 1 Meter                                                           

  • Individual Link Length

– 15mm

  • Internal Dimensions (mm)

– (W)19 x (H)6

  • External Dimensions (mm)

– (W)25 x (H)12

  • Bending Capabilities

– ±36° Bend per Link

  • Plastic Type

– Polypropylene


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