Cable Tie 395x7.8mm 50pcs, Black Expand

Cable Ties 395x7.8mm - 50 Pack



These 100-Piece Packs of 395x7.8mm Black Cable Ties are ideal for quickly, easy and effective fastening – For a wide range of fastening applications.

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There are many times within a workshop space in which you may need to tie Electronics Cables together or fasten a part against another while they glue together. For such scenarios, our packs of 50 strong 395x7.8mm Cable Ties are the ideal solution. Designed to conveniently connect with themselves to maintain a tightly fastened grip, they are actually so effective that many people utilise them permanently in their projects instead of adhesives or screws.

While they were originally made as simple but effective ways to keep cables tied neatly together, Makers have found a much wider range of applications than just that. In fact, metal variations of these Cable Ties have also been designed to be used with high-temperature applications as well, proving how useful these types of ties can be in many different industries – as well as at home.


395x7.8mm Cable Ties  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Ties

– 50

  • Length

– 395mm

  • Width

– 7.8mm

  • Colour

– Black


Typical Applications for 395x7.8mm Cable Ties:

With our packs of 50 Cable Ties, you will surely find more than just a few uses for these fantastic fasteners. Primarily, they are excellent for tying cables together neatly, although reports from customers tell us they have many more unique uses within 3D Printing, Electronics and many more areas of expertise. Whether used as a simple temporary solution or as an easy and effective permanent solution, these cable ties are well worth their inexpensive cost.


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Cable Ties 395x7.8mm - 50 Pack

Cable Ties 395x7.8mm - 50 Pack