Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable Expand

Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable

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The Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable connects from the mainboard to the extruder mini main board – 1.5m flat extruder data cable 

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The Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable is the cable that connects the main motherboard with the extruder mini main board on the Wanhao D6 3D Printers. It is an ultra-thin ribbon cable that neatly wraps around the outside of the machine with the cable locker, keeping it safe from unnecessary harm and out of the way of other moving parts.

The cable is 1.5m in length and is a genuine Wanhao Original part, which means it has guaranteed quality and will last far longer than generic counterparts. The long length also ensures that the extruder is capable of moving without pulling on or damaging the cable, so be sure to fit it into the cable locker clips properly to avoid any potential problems or damage.


Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Cable Type

– Ribbon Strip

  • Cable Length

– 1.5m

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Wanhao Duplicator 6


Typical Applications for Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cables:

The Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable is the cable that connects the mainboard of the Wanhao Duplicator 6 with the mini main board on the extruder, allowing the system to control the extruder with extreme precision. It is 1.5m in length, allowing for extra length as the extruder moves from side to side. We source these cables directly from Wanhao, which helps us ensure top quality and a long lifespan.


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Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable

Wanhao D6 Flat Ribbon Cable

Wanhao have been supplying 3D Printers internationally since as early as 2012, and have rapidly garnered a world-renowned reputation for quality machines, parts and components. After originally banding together as a group of friends and purchasing a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic, they created their own “Duplicator 1” 3D Printer, which was essentially a replica of the Thing-O-Matic, with slight modifications and alterations to make it better suit typical users.

Wanhao’s strengths have always stemmed from the fact that they are both 3D Makers and 3D Printer Manufacturers, which allows them to understand the needs of the end user when developing new models or upgrades. It is the same reason why they always make sure to stock spares of all of the different parts and components, because they believe that you should never have to buy an entirely new printer if one part breaks, and should instead be able to simply replace whichever part is broken.

There are few 3D Printing manufacturers with as much experience and reputation as Wanhao, which is why we have chosen them as one of our top suppliers here at DIYElectronics. Not only do they continue to bring out exciting new models and upgrades for existing models, but they also align with our own company culture and values by proactively supplying all of the spare parts that customers might need – so that you, as an end user, never have to source spares or alternatives if you have problems with faulty or broken parts throughout the lifespan of your 3D Printer.