Digital Calipers 150mm Expand

Digital Calipers 150mm



This set of 150mm Digital Calipers are designed to provide precision accuracy, so as to avoid silly mistakes while resizing or cutting in the workshop.

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In a workshop environment, there are many different occasions in which you need to measure the size of parts, objects, wires or small Eelctronics Components, but sometimes these objects are so small that they are difficult to measure with accuracy. In such times, 150mm Digital Calipers are a great investment, as they offer genuine precision down to about 0.1mm accuracy, ensuring that you never make measurement mistakes, which would typically cost both in terms of time and money to replace the object if it’s cut wrong.

These digital calipers also make measuring simple and easy with the clear digital screen to display the distance between the arms. And whereas typical tape measures and similar measuring devices require you to remember specific lengths or physically mark the devices, these calipers keep the lengths on-screen so that you can continue working while temporarily referencing the size as you need to know it. This translates to faster measuring, higher productivity and an overall smoother workshop experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Length

– 150mm

  • Measuring Accuracy

– 0.1mm

  • Measuring Units

– inch/mm

  • Dimensions

– 80mm x 260mm


Typical Applications for 150mm Digital Calipers:

These sets of 150mm Digital Calipers are ideal for any situation in which you need to measure objects, parts or lengths of 150mm or shorter. This is ideal for a workshop with electronics or other small parts and components requiring precision measurements, and can help to make measuring much quicker and easier than typical analogue measuring devices. It also includes an analogue ruler, for cases in which measuring speed is more important than accuracy. And to top it all off, the base is made from composite metal with a casing to prevent warping or bending, so that these calipers maintain optimal measuring accuracy throughout their lifespan.

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Digital Calipers 150mm

Digital Calipers 150mm